Get Rid Of The Unpleasant Smell From Your Kitchen Drain Without Spending Too Much Money

Kitchen drains can often release a lot of unpleasant smells. You should clean the siphon, sink or drain once a week. This will prevent the formation of bacteria and the creation of unpleasant odors that are most commonly due to the residual foods that accumulate in the drainage.

On the market, there are various chemicals that will help you get rid of odor in the drain. However, you often don’t have to buy products because you can solve this problem with homemade preparations. Learn how to get rid of the unpleasant smell from your drain and your kitchen will always smell wonderful.

How To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Drain Odor From Your Kitchen

To make these amazing kitchen spheres you need only a few ingredients that you already have in the kitchen.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 12 tablespoons of baking soda
  •  8 tablespoons of salt
  • ½ spoon of dishwashing detergent
  • and 1 lemon

Also, you’ll need a pan, baking paper, ice cream scoop and a jar with a lid.


In a bowl mix the salt and baking soda, and then shred the lemon zest and add it to the bowl along with the dish detergent. Next, cut the lemon into halves, and squeeze the liquid from it. Gradually add the lemon juice to the mixture stirring constantly.

Cover the baking pan with the parchment paper, and then scoop a ball from the mixture. Arrange all scooped balls on the baking pan. Leave them overnight to dry. To clean your kitchen drain from the unpleasant odor, just put one kitchen bomb on the top of the drain and turn the warm water on to leak slowly on top of it. It will melt the kitchen bomb gradually and purify the drain from the horrible odor.

This is very economical and eco-friendly way to neutralize bad smells around your home. By using this method you will not remove just the unpleasant odor from the siphon, sink or drain, but you can successfully remove many other unpleasant smells from your house as well.

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