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Grow The Most Popular Blue Java Bananas In The Comfort Of Your Home

There are more than a hundred varieties of bananas. Usually, the variety we eat regularly is Cavendish bananas. Cavendish is the most commercial sort of banana. However, this type of banana is not nearly the tastiest and delicious banana in the world.

This has opened the door to Blue Java, a banana variety whose popularity is skyrocketing. Many people are crazy about this sort of banana. Blue Java also known as ice cream banana, resembles the taste of vanilla ice cream and can be served as a dessert or just plain as a fruit.

What is even more exciting is you can grow this type of banana at home and have an endless supply of it whenever you need it. Today we will show you how to grow Blue Java even if you don’t live in Southeast Asia.

Growing Ice Cream Bananas In Your Home

In order to grow blue java bananas, you must first purchase a tree. These trees are sold online and they have big -lushes leaves, and they grow very big. Then, you choose the location: indoor or outdoor. The blue java bananas can stand limited shade, however, they need plenty of sunlight (6 hours a day).

If you choose to grow it indoors, you should put the container near a sunny window, but be careful this fruit doesn’t like excessive heat. So choose your location wisely.

On the other hand, if you want to plant it in your garden, you should dig an opening that is two times more wide and deep than the pot. The soil should have a pH of around 5.5 to 6.6 and must be fertile, rich, and well-drained. Put the banana tree and burry the hole with your hands. After that just water it and make sure that there are any weeds or grass around it.

You should water your tree every two to three days if it’s summer, or every few weeks if it’s winter. Regularly check the soil for moisture, if it’s dry you can water the tree if not you shouldn’t. Don’t overload the soil with water.

Add organic well-balanced fertilizer once a month. When you buy fertilizer usually there is a recommended dose for every tree size. So read the manual and add half of the recommended dose to your tree to achieve the best results.

After 9 months your ice cream banana tree will fully develop. You should regularly trim your tree and remove any damaged or dry leaves. You can harvest the fruits once they become blue and thick.

It’s important to notice is that this plant can withstand colder temperatures and climate; however, you should protect your blue java tree from high winds.

ice cream banana

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How to Care for an Ice Cream Banana Tree

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