strawberry blond sunflowers

Grow Low-Maintenance Strawberry Blond Sunflowers And Turn Your Garden Into A Magnificent Sunset

Symbols of summer, large sunflowers that attract butterflies, bees, and birds can be grown in a small space today.  Technically, there is no other plant like the sunflower. The brown base is actually full of individual flowers, and the yellow petals are protective leaves that protect them as they grow.

Sunflowers follow the sun from east to west, and once they bloom, they remain constantly facing east. There are many varieties of sunflowers however one particular type gains major popularity these days. This type is known as Strawberry Blonde Sunflower.

These majestic sunflowers are so beautiful because they resemble a smudgy sunset. We will tell you how to grow them and enjoy their stunning looks.

Growing Strawberry Blond Sunflowers At Home

Sunflowers are generally resistant to excessive heat and drought, and grow best in locations with plenty of sunlight, which is why long hot summers suit them best. They thrive better in soil that is a little acidic.

What you should do first is to buy strawberry blond sunflower seeds. You can find these seeds online from resellers like Etsy, Amazon, Homedepot, etc. Once you get these seeds, you can proceed with the planting.

You should choose an area that is exposed to sunlight at least for 6 hours a day but protected from heavy winds. Prepare the bed, and start digging a hole that is approximately 60 cm deep. Then, take the seeds and plant those in 2.5 cm depth holes with a distance of 10-15 cm. If you have a bigger space you can distance them further from 30- 45 cm. These plants need more space so they can develop and grow.

The soil needs to be humus-rich, moderately fertile, moist, and well-drained with neutral pH.

Sunflower creates a large vegetative mass, so it needs a lot of water. It is most sensitive to lack of water at the time of head formation and seed pouring. You should water the plant around the root approximately 7-10 cm from the flower. Once the sunflower develops, it can tolerate a little bit of drought.  Put some mulch, so the soil retains moisture and maintains a constant temperature. There is no need for frequent use of fertilizers.

The strawberry blond sunflower grows pretty tall from 150cm to 180cm. So, it will need some support, and bamboo sticks are the perfect solution for that. It will need 55 to 100 days to bloom so be patient

Generally, any type of sunflower is sown this way. If you can’t find strawberry blond sunflower seeds, you can grow teddy bear sunflowers that are just as beautiful as the strawberry blond are.

strawberry blond sunflowers

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