rainbow succulents

Grow Rainbow Succulents And Bring Magical Burst Of Color To Your Garden And Home

 Ah, those beautiful succulents! A cute and simple decoration that will beautify your home, balcony, or garden in just a few moments. Thanks to their resistance and low sophistication, succulents are certainly one of the favorite plant species to grow.

You are certainly familiar with the classic, green succulents. These plants have conquered the entire gardening world, regardless of the level of professionalism in the area.

They come in a variety of striking shapes and color ranges, and another, special version of these adorable plants has hit the market.

The current trend on social media is, beautiful and colorful succulents that look reminiscent of tiny rainbows, and they won us over at first glance.

Choose Rainbow Succulents For Your Garden

The rainbow succulents are actually derived form of Echeveria “Perle Von Nurnberg.”

They are very colorful and may change their color depending on the season in which they grow. Usually, their leaves form small rosettes and they are pink in the center and gradually transfer to green color. However, the edges of the leaves are light pink.

All these ombre and color-spills make these succulents resemble a small rainbow. If you choose to go for this type of succulent, you can find it online and propagate it yourself.

As for the cultivation itself, succulents are not at all demanding. They will thrive well in a bright and slightly darker place in the home, as well as in direct sunlight on the balcony. Whichever way you choose to grow them, one thing is for sure –  even if you are gardening beginner you can grow succulents. Although they tolerate drought well, they should be watered more often in summer than in winter. It is important to make sure that you start watering only when you notice that the soil in which they grow is completely dry. Otherwise, the roots of this plant will rot and the plant will decay.

Another thing you should do is always remove any dead leaves from the plant. This way you will give your succulent more room for new leaves. You can also re-pot it if the succulent becomes too big. So, if you choose to do this, make sure you removed all of the dead and rotted roots. What you need to do is take the new pot, fill it with dry soil (very important), then transfer your rainbow succulent. Moreover, after one week start to water it lightly to avoid unnecessary rotting roots.

rainbow succulents

Reference: Echeveria “Rainbow”
‘Rainbow’ Succulents Add A Burst Of Beautiful Color To Your Plant Collection


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