Here’s What Happens To The Human Body After Death

Many people ask themselves the same question. What happens to us when we die? While we can surely argue what happens to the human soul after death, we can tell you for sure what happens to the human body.

When a person dies, certain chemical reactions occur and a natural process of decomposition begins.

Using common language, here we list the processes through which the human body passes after death.

– The deconstruction of the cells begins several minutes after death. This is a process known as autolysis.
– Soon after the heart stops working, the oxygen supply to the cells stops, and the toxins lead to chemical reactions and decomposition. This process starts with the spleen and liver, and then in other organs and tissues.
– The damaged blood cells begin to flow through the damaged blood vessels, and accumulate in the capillaries and spider veins, leading to skin color changes.
– The temperature of the body decreases, until it is lowered to ambient temperature.
– After death, the cells no longer have the ability to use energy, and the proteins remain “locked” at the site. Thus, the human body stiffens, especially in the eyelids, jaw, neck and limbs.
– At this stage, the number of bacteria inside the body increases. The majority of them increase within the stomach, where we can find about trillion bacteria of at least 1,000 different species.
– The immune system stops working, allowing microbes to spread and multiply.
– Under the influence of chemical reactions, blisters appear all over the body, creating pressure that can sometimes lead to stomach gases.
– In the end, Different kinds of larvae complete the process of decomposition.

What Happens To The Human Body After Death?

In details, here we describe you the decomposition process of the human body, until only the skeleton remains.

The Brain Stops Working

A few seconds after death, the human brain stops working and sends signals to the body.

Everything Goes Off

Just a few minutes after death, begins the so-called autolysis process. This is a natural reaction of the human body, due to the lack of oxygen in the cells, when they begin to slowly die out.


Several hours after death, the mortal stiffness occurs. After we die, it comes to a chemical change in the muscles, after which they become tense and stiff. Also, the wrinkles disappear.

The mortal stiffness often varies, from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the outside temperature. It’s also influenced by the age and condition of the body, as well as the cause of death and the environment.

In 36 hours after death, the muscles relax again, which is when the human body begins to release feces.

Although many people believe that hair and nails grow after death, this is not true. The fact is that the skin is dry and shrinking, and it looks like hair and nails continue to grow.


The Body Turns Green

A few days after death, the body begins to get a greenish color. This is because the enzymes start to break down. Then, the body begins to emit chemicals with unpleasant odors.

After green, the body changes its color in purple, and then in black, because bacteria blend in the skin and organs.

In the end, the hair starts to drop.


We know, this is not a pleasant information for you to read. But, it’s a fact that worms and larvae begin to eat the human body a few weeks after the burial. What’s interesting is that they can consume about 60 percent of the body in only a week!

Final Decomposition

Four months after death, the body begins its final decomposition. The soft tissues begin to break down, until only the skeleton remains.

If you want to have this process visualized through a viewer-friendly video, click on the link down below.

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