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Here’s How To Peel Cooked Potatoes Easily, Fast And Hassle-Free

Although potatoes, along with sugar and other carbohydrate-containing foods, are usually the first food we avoid if we want to lose weight, research has shown that this modest food has medicinal properties.

Potatoes are certainly the vegetables that are most commonly used, but also label as not so healthy, which is not quite right. One cooked potato contains only 26 calories and many nutrients good for our health. The glycemic index indicates how fast the food is digested. The lower the glycemic index means that it takes more time for food to absorb into the body and prolongs its intake. Potatoes are a vegetable with a low glycemic index which indicates that it’s actually is good for our body as long as you eat it the right way.

Potatoes nurture the body with the necessary energy that we need while keeping your weight in control. Moreover, it is rich in carbohydrates that will help with physical activities such as movement, digestion, and thinking. Try to flavor the potatoes with healthier spices, such as spicy herbs and olive oil, and avoid adding sour cream or cheeses on top of it.

You should avoid fried and even baked potatoes and stick to boiled potatoes. But when we boil the potatoes we usually have a problem with its peeling. Today we will show you one trick that will forever change the way you peel boiled potatoes.

Tired of burning your fingers every time you are peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes or salad? You will be amazed how easy, fast and hassle-free is to peel a boiled potato.

How To Peel Boiled Potatoes

For this useful trick, in addition to cooked potatoes, you need a dish with ice water and a hollow spoon. What you need to do is take each cooked potato and place it inside the bowl with icy water. Leave it for a few seconds in it and then remove it from the bowl. Then place it on an empty plate and with the help of your hands gently pull the skin on both ends. The potato skin will easily slide of the potato. Repeat the procedure for the rest of your cooked potatoes.

You will not need a knife or any other peeler and you will avoid getting burns on your fingers. Cool right?

Do you have another trick for peeling boiled potatoes? Please share with us in the comments down below.

For more info on the peeling procedure watch the video down below.

Reference: Speed-Peel A Potato


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