Do Your Friends Smoke In Your Home? Here’s How To Remove The Cigarette Smoke From Your House

Smoking is a bad habit, but that does not mean that you need to give up on your friends and “sort” guests. The smoke of cigarettes “sticks” and absorbs in rugs, curtains, furniture, but you can remove it. Whether you use mild, or stronger and a little more demanding method depends on the amount of smoke that is present in the room, and whether the smoker stayed in that room for a long time.

If you have friends smokers learn how to remove the cigarette smoke from the room.

How To Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your House

The fast and easy method

Ventilate the room frequently during the stay of smokers. If you have air purifiers change the filters once the smokers leave the room. The smoke will absorb if you light regular candles. What you need to do is put them in pots with coffee beans or dry lavender flowers. Moreover, you can use active coal. Place the powder in containers in several places around the house where you smell the smoke of cigarettes.

Clean the room well. Place, if necessary, a fan near an open window (facing outwards) to extract the smoke.

Fill a few smaller bowls with vinegar (you can add some essential oils, let’s say peppermint) and put them in rooms where the smell of smoke is present. Slightly cook a peel of orange and lemon, and then put these containers (as long as the water evaporates) into your rooms.

On your furniture and carpets, you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda, which will absorb the scent overnight. Then, vacuum it the next day.

The slow and deep method

If you feel that it is necessary to deep clean to remove the smoke, then you will need a little more effort.

If the smoke is deeply “inflated” then you need a lot of cleaning. Wash all clothes, pads, blankets, and other materials that were in contact with cigarette smoke. Be sure to remove curtains, wash them and dip them briefly into the softener.

Refresh the furniture, scrub the tables, chests of drawers, and brush the couch, sofas, and armchairs with the help of a gentle brush that periodically dipped into a solution of made of water and baking soda and essential oil of your choosing.

To get the smoke out of the carpet try using baking soda and cedar essential oil, and thoroughly vacuum it. Here’s how to deep clean your carpet. If you have a smoker in the house or frequently you have guest smokers, you can pre-paint the walls after painting with a special smooth or glossy coating to prevent the smoke from absorbing into your walls.

Lastly, wipe the floors and parquet with distilled vinegar – do not worry about the scent of vinegar it will disappear, and the smoke will be “pulled out”. If you hate the scent of vinegar, dilute it with water and add a few drops of fragrant essential oil as desired.

Smoking is harmful to your health.  That’s why subtly convince your friends or family members to quit this bad habit.


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