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Here’s Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Every Day

What’s your favorite beverage? What do you drink when you wake up in the morning, and in the course of the day? If lemon water is not your answer, then you might want to consider making it your number one drink.

Lemons are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients, which help boost the immune system, support the digestive system, and aid in detoxification. In addition to this, lemon water has so many health benefits, that we decided to take a look at some and present them in this article.

Boosts Vitamin C Levels

The United States Department of Agriculture advices that a quarter cup of lemon juice contains about 23.6 mgs of vitamin C. This amount is 30% over the recommended daily intake.

Knowing this, we can safely conclude that lemons are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a key role in protecting the living cells from the destructive effects of free radicals.

In addition, vitamin C lowers the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, and it also helps in lowering blood pressure and boosts the immune system. That’s why it’s instrumental in healing colds and coughs.

Improves Skin Quality

The American Society for Clinical Nutrition published a study, in which they indicate that people who consume vitamin C on a regular basis are at a lower risk of developing wrinkles and having dry skin.

If you have a difficult time drinking plain water, then lemon water will make it easier for you to stay hydrated and eliminate the toxins from the skin.

Aids Digestion

Drinking warm lemon water, when you wake up in the morning, could help you kick start your digestive system. Some people actually use lemon water as a natural laxative, to help prevent constipation.

The Ayurvedic medicine holds the believe that the sour and citric taste of lemon helps in stimulating the agni. According to this holistic medicine, when the agni is stimulated, the digestive system activates and we’re able to digest food better and avert the build-up of toxins.

Lemon Water Helps Prevent Bloating

Lemon juice contains acids that encourage the human body to process nutrients slowly. This in turn helps in keeping the insulin levels steady, so that you can get more from the food you ingest. When you start absorbing nutrients better, you’re able to prevent bloating.

Lemon water enhances enzyme function, and therefore stimulates the liver to flush out toxins. Also, it helps the urinary tract to eliminate the unwanted elements.

Helps Boosts Mood & Energy

Most people opt for a cup of coffee, looking for a quick pick me up energy booster. But, the disadvantage with caffeine is that you’ll crash on pretty soon after consumption.

lemon water

Lemon water on the other hand, will boost your energy levels, as well as your mood. And, guess what?! It has zero undesirable side effects.

In a study conducted at the Ohio State University, involving 56 men and women between the ages of 18 to 43, reveals that lemon scent produces a positive effect in people regardless of their expectancies.

With so many incredible health benefits, it’s recommendable for every one of us to drink a glass of lemon water at least once every single day.

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