homemade butter

3 Minute Homemade Raw Butter Without Any Additives Or Artificial Colors

Have you ever started making something and one of the ingredients is butter, and you don’t have it in the fridge? Or you simply want to make homemade butter without any additives and hidden ingredients. You don’t have to make such compromises anymore. Preparing homemade butter is easier than you think.

This recipe contains only 2 ingredients, you probably have at home.

How To Make Homemade Butter 

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Full-fat heavy cream
  • Himalayan or sea salt


You can prepare the butter with a food processor or with a hand mixer.

First, pour the heavy cream in the food processor or in a bowl (if you use a hand mixer) and pulse until the water separates. Then, remove the butter from the food processor and squeeze the butter with a spoon and remove the liquid. This liquid is actually whey. Next, pour cold water into the butter to rinse it and return it in the food processor. Pulse again and repeat the process of rinsing and blending several times until the water you used for rinsing becomes clear.

Then, add a little bit of salt and taste the butter. You can use more salt according to your taste.

If you don’t have a food processor or hand mixer, you can pour the heavy cream in a jar and close the jar with a lid. Then, you should shake the cream for 7-10 minutes and do the step with the water. Strain, rinse, and shake again.

What is important is to use high-quality heavy cream, you can go for a grass-fed one.

So you probably wonder why the heck you should make butter at home when you can buy it from a store.

Namely, every food you make at home, can’t be compared with store-bought food. The butter making procedure is very easy, simple, and cheaper. You can make high-quality butter using organic cream that is way cheaper than organic butter from the store. Furthermore, if you use the jar technique you will get a mini-workout. Just think about it, shaking the jar for 10 minutes will for sure help you tone the biceps, shoulders, and triceps.

Another great thing is the buttermilk. You know that liquid pale yellowish stuff that appears when you remove the butter from the jar/food processor that actually is full-fat unprocessed buttermilk. You can store this liquid in a container and use it whenever some recipe calls for buttermilk. Whatever you do, don’t throw this liquid.

Now, that you know all about homemade butter, will you try to make it at home? We sure are going to. You can also try the homemade yogurt recipe.

homemade butter

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