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Hot Baths Can Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels And Burn As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

Going to the gym, running and fitness, along with a lot of physical activities with exotic names, such as Tabata and HIIT, are in trend. It’s the era of reaching the ideal weight, and there’s a whole culture of ‘hands-on’ to achieve it based on physical exercise. But, what if there’s a way to lose weight without exercising? Have you ever considered losing weight with hot baths?

What began as a study to find new ways to control diabetes yielded surprising results. They concluded that heat can increase the number of calories a person burns and, in addition, significantly reduce blood sugar spikes, so it would be very beneficial for patients with diabetes.

The Hot Bath Study

The idea on which the experiment was based was to observe the benefits of a hot bath compared to those produced by riding a bicycle.

Thus, the participants spent for one hour in a 40°C bath, while their glucose levels were monitored. Also, their results were tracked in the next 24 hours.

Even though hot baths are milder than physical exercise, they turn out to be efficient in burning calories. Namely, in a hot bath, we burn approximately 130 calories, which is equivalent to a 30-minute walk. Imaging, to burn calories while lying down and enjoying a hot bath! And also, while you’re relaxing in the bath, you can take advantage of other activities, such as reading.

There’s not much for you to sacrifice, although perhaps in hot weather it’s not recommended. But in winter, it is a healthy habit that your body will appreciate for sure!

Hot Baths And The Advances Towards Diabetes Control

Dr. Steve Faulkner, director of the research, kept the focus of the study on both, burnt calories and blood sugar control. With the study, they discovered that when bathing, the highest glucose levels of the participants were actually lower than when they were exercising. On average, they were lower by 10 percent, which turned out to be completely unexpected.

Namely, hot baths promote the release of heat shock proteins, which in turn helps keep the blood sugar levels stable.

The amount of sugar in our blood rises after we eat. This is one of the main risks for some diseases, like for the development of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, everything that we can do to maintain it at adequate levels is good for our general health.

hot baths

The reasons for these two beneficial effects can be, as Faulkner says, that hot baths promote the releasement of heat shock proteins, which in turn can help keep the sugar levels in our blood stable and improve glucose uptake. Scientists expect these findings to open the way for more research in regards to type 2 diabetes, and for weight control and the avoidance of sugar spikes.

The final advice of the study is to lead an active life and to be fit. This is the best way to a healthy life. Even though the results are interesting, the study director encourages the increase of physical activity and balanced diet as the best ways to preserve good health.

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