How To Arm Knit A Blanket In Under An Hour

Arm knitting involves knitting without the use of knitting needles. Instead, you’re using your arms, hands, and fingers. The results of arm knitting are elaborate chunky woven products, which are the perfect décor for your home, and can keep you warm and cozy. Here we show you how to make a beautiful arm-knit blanket.

Because arm knitting involves using the arms, you need chunky yarn to get the work done. To get started, you’ll need about 11 to 12 skeins of chunky yarn, in your preferred color. And of course, both your hands and arms, and fingers.

How To Arm Knit A Blanket In Under An Hour

Getting Started

1. Start by measuring the yarn, to be about 5 to 6 feet long. You’ll use this to make the tail. Once measured, make a tight slipknot and slide it on the right arm.

2. Use the left hand to make a V shape out of the yarn. With your right hand, pull the yarn thru the loop, to create a stitch over the right arm.

3. Continue to cast the stitches, making sure that each of them is tight, but still able to move along the arm. Stop when you make 25 stitches. This is the tail.

Continue Knitting

4. Once you have 25 stitches on the right arm, transfer the knitting on the left arm. Hold the yarn with the right hand, and pull off the last stitch you’ve made, from your right arm over the working yarn. Create a loop, which you’ll put it on your left arm. This is the first stitch on your left arm.

5. Move all stitches from your right to the left arm.

6. As you continue to knit, from the right to left arm and vice versa, you’ll notice your blanket taking shape. Continue to do so until you make about 40 rows. As you knit, you’ll come to a point where you’ll need a new skein. Just tie the working yarn with the new one in a simple knot. Then, keep on knitting.

7. Once you have the desired number of rows, you need to bind off the blanket. To do so, make two stitches on the opposite arm, and pull the first over the second stitch, and off your hand. Keep going until you end up with one stitch only.


8. Make a loop out of the last stitch and cut the working yarn with scissors. Pull the remaining yarn all the way through and tie a tight knot.

9. Take the tails and weave them into the ends of the blanket, going back and forth.

Et voilà! You have your arm knitted blanket in under an hour!

Remember, you have the option of incorporating multiple colored skeins into your pattern, to make things more exciting. And, you can use as much yarn as you want, as long as you want your blanket to be!

For more details on how to knit a blanket, watch the video down below.

Arm knit a blanket in 45 minutes
How to make an arm knit blanket

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