How To Calm A Baby Instantly Through Foot Massage

Babies cry for a reason. Be it hunger, need a diaper change, attention, constipation, pain, gas, irritability, you name it! When your baby is crying, it is trying to communicate with you. Sometimes, we do everything in an attempt to calm down our babies, but without any success. Have you ever wondered if there’s anything else you can do? Of course! Every good parent does!

It’s during those hard times when your child just won’t stop crying, and you don’t know why it’s crying, that you should consider massaging certain areas of its tiny, pretty feet.

Each pressure point below corresponds to a particular part(s) of the baby’s body. While you massage these specific pressure points, you’ll help your baby calm down instantly.

1. Tips Of The Toe

The tips of the toes link to your baby’s head area and teeth. If your child is teething, you can massage the tips of the toe, to help relieve the pain and irritation that comes with teething. Massaging this pressure point also helps relieve pain, if your child has an ear infection, or headache, as a result of a fever. Simply, apply pressure in this area, being careful not to exert too much on it and hurt your baby more. As you massage, you’ll have your baby calm in no time.

2. Center Of The Toes

The center of your child’s toes is linked to their sinuses. If your baby has a cold, causing him/her a running nose and congestion, which make it difficult to breathe, consider massaging the points at the center of its toes, to relieve the symptoms. You should however not use this as a healing method. Make sure your child gets treatment from a pediatrician, and use this massage technique to help alleviate symptoms during recovery.

3. Top Of The Foot, Above The Arch

This area is sometimes referred to as the chest, because it corresponds to the lungs and throat. Your child will likely experience chest congestion, pain, and discomfort when healing from a cold or a cough. In addition to medication, gently massage this area to help bring relief.

4. Solar Plexus

This is the upper part of the foot’s arch. It is connected to the nerves in the lungs and stomach. Sometimes, babies suffer from upset tummies, tightness, spasms and difficulty breathing. Massage this part of the foot to bring relief during such times.

5. Arch Of The Foot

This part is linked to the upper abdomen. Babies too suffer from digestion problems, constipation, gas and even heartburn. Once you consult with your pediatrician, you can also massage this area of the foot to further reduce the discomfort in your baby’s upper abdomen.


6. Lower Part Of The Arch

This part links to the lower abdomen, and when massaged, can help ease constipation and bloating. After a nice massage, your baby should be able to go for a bowel movement with no trouble.

7. Pelvis

This is the heel of the foot, which corresponds to the pelvic area. If you suspect that your baby is experiencing pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, apply pressure on this area, to relieve pain and discomfort.

Now you know how to calm your baby from seven different pressure points on its little feet.

Calm down a fussy baby instantly by massaging these 7 points
Calm Fussy Babies Instantly By Massaging These 7 Parts Of Their Feet
Calm a crying baby instantly by pressing these points on your baby’s feet. Here’s how

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