Clean Your Jewelry And Make It Shiny Once Again With The DIY Natural Cleaning Solution

When you regularly wear jewelry, regardless of which material is made, it loses its initial shine after a while. Professional cleaning is one of the options to polish it, but it can be expensive especially because you need to do it regularly. That’s why before doing this; you should try out simple cleaning at home.

Sometimes soap and water are enough to make your ring or bracelet look completely new, but you can try a few more DIY options.

How To Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Quick Polish With Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda

Aluminum foil is an ideal option for cleaning silver jewelry. Place an aluminum foil on a baking tray and place the jewelry you want to clean it. Sprinkle one tbsp baking soda, one tbsp dishwashing detergent, and one tbsp salt. Then pour one cup of boiling water in it.  Soak your jewelry in the solution. The dirt will stick to the aluminum foil, and the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the foil should surround the jewelry. Afterwards, just rinse your jewels with plain water.

Jewelry That Has Pearls On It

Since pearls are extremely sensitive, you need to keep an eye on how you wear and maintain them. Always put on pearls after you put your make-up, perfume or hair spray, as chemicals from them would not abrasively work on jewelry. To clean them you can make a solution by mixing water and salt. In a small bowl, add a cup of water and a tbsp of salt, mix the ingredients together. Then, soak your pearly jewelry in it. Leave it for an hour, and then wipe them with a dry cloth and leave them to completely dry. To longer maintain their shine, periodically wipe each pearl with a cotton pad dipped in olive oil.

DIY Bling Cleaner

Your engagement ring and wedding rings must be cleaned in order to keep their original shine. To do this you can make a natural solution. You will need a quarter cup of distilled water, one teaspoon dishwashing detergent, one tablespoon thieves cleaner and one tablespoon of witch hazel. Mix these ingredients together in a small bowl and then soak your jewelry in it. Leave them for an hour in the solution. Afterwards, just bush them with an old toothbrush to remove any residue of oil build up, dead cells and scale from the small holes and edges of the rings. Rinse them with water and let them dry completely.

Don’t  Forget To Clean Your Imitation Jewelry 

Imitation jewelry has the greatest disadvantage. It eventually turns green or darkens and the quality of it depends on the material from which it was made. You should never wash it and avoid contact with water because the highest quality pieces of imitation jewelry can change color. That’s why you should dry clean it. Take an old toothbrush and polish your imitation jewelry with it. Gently rub every inch of the jewelry and store it in a box by itself. Don’t mix it with your other jewelry.  If you need to wash it, use water and mild detergent and dry it completely before you put it on you.


Reference: Make your rings sparkle with this DIY jewelry cleaner (+ 6 tips)

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