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How To Fold Fitted Sheets In 3 Easy Moves (Video)

Many people would agree that fitted sheets with elastic are one of the greatest achievements of humankind. But, most of us experience difficulties folding them after washing and ironing. Folding a fitted sheet might be the biggest household challenge of today’s life, won’t you agree?

We won’t argue here. The person who came up with the idea to insert elastic to the edges of bed sheets is a genius! No matter how much you and your partner spin in the bed, the sheets do not move and remain flawlessly tense. And, not to mention how easy it is to make the bed in the morning!

However, nothing is perfect. Even in the world of fitted sheets. While washing and ironing may not be a problem, folding fitted sheets is an enigma to many people.

How To Fold Fitted Sheets

When we buy a fitted sheet, it is flawlessly folded with the help of paper cartons. But, after washing, we usually end up with a difficulty folding it by ourselves. One might wonder, why don’t they come with a folding manual??

Fortunately, we have finally discovered how to do this. Here are the instructions:

– Take the fitted sheet in your hands and spread it lengthwise

– Make sure that your fingers are into the edges of the sheet

– The seams of the corners need to be on the top

– Connect the left corner with the right one and fold

– Slide down the edge of the sheet closer to your body, take the third corner and tack it in with the other two

– Slide down the other edge of the sheet, take the fourth corner and tack it in

– Place the sheet on the table, and fold it in thirds, just as you would do with flat sheets

For more details on how it’s done, watch the video down below.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

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