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Keep Jasmine In Your Home. It Improves Your Mood, Promotes Healthy Sleep And Reduces Anxiety

Want to learn more about jasmine? Jasmine is a flower that few will recognize. This ornamental flower not only captivates with its beauty but also its irresistible scent. Jasmine is a bushy flower, but also an evergreen climbing plant, from the olive family and it records about 200 wild species.

Every type of jasmine is unique, but its appearance and smell are very majestic. Most flowers blossom when the sun comes up, however, with jasmine the situation is slightly different. This flower opens up in the nightfall and closes up in the day. That’s why they call it the “queen of the night” in India. Jasmine usually blooms in May and June and sometimes later.

How To Grow Jasmine

Spring is an ideal time for planting jasmine. Especially in the continental part of the world when temperatures are quite high and there is no risk of ice. Jasmine is an evergreen plant that thrives better in coastal, Mediterranean areas. When planting jasmine, the soil must be well-drained. So you must fertilize the soil during planting as well as during flowering.

You should plant jasmine properly. First, dug a hole in which you want to plant jasmine. Then, make sure that it is 50 cm deep. This is followed by drainage, so you must install a drainage layer of 15 to 20 cm. You can use sand, gravel or crushed stone as a drainage material.

After that, place the jasmine seeds 3 cm below the surface. Afterward, water the plant. You should water the jasmine every other day during the summer. In winter it is enough to water it every fifth day. If the temperature is extremely low, you must move the plant to your house. Early flowering begins in the spring and late in the fall.

If you wish to grow jasmine in a pot, the first two to three years you must ensure that the depth of the pot is 10 liters.  After three years, you should transfer it into 30 liters pot. It is also necessary to change the soil in the pot every third year.

The Amazing Jasmine Properties

Jasmine associates with love, happiness, and hope. It also produces essential oil, and its fragrance, although very special, is extremely appreciated. Some studies found that the smell of jasmine improves your mood. Moreover, its scent can help you fall asleep and relax if you are stressed.

In China, jasmine tea is one of the most popular hot beverages. Nevertheless, it has also taken a significant place in the cosmetics industry, especially for making perfumes.

Jasmine, besides everything else, encourages a good mood, so it is a good idea to breathe in this wonderful smell of happiness from time to time! You can keep it in your bedroom, to promote a goodnight’s sleep and reduce anxiety. Besides, you can use this flower to improve the exterior design of your room.


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    1. Hello Leanne, thanks for your question. 🙂 Since the goal is to grow jasmine indoors, any type of the following plants is suitable: Jasminum officinale, Jasminium sembac, or Jasminum polyanthum. They will make your home smell amazing, therefore it will help you relax and enjoy it.

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