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How To Make A Bee Waterer To Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

Making a bee waterer is an easy and economical job, although unknown to many of us. Bees need to hydrate as much as humans, but for them, it is not so easy to access a reliable source of water.

So, why not help the bees?

Imagine how much a single bee works hard every day. Bees naturally collect the pollen of at least 2,000 flowers per day and their small wings beat above 10,000 times/min. Bees carry pollen and greatly help our food supply. They are a fundamental part of the life on Earth. And, if these stinging insects disappear, the many of the plants cannot be pollinated, and therefore, won’t be able to reproduce and will soon become extinct.

This means that the herbivorous animals will soon be left without food, and with them becoming extinct, the carnivores will follow the same path.

Another important part to mention is that without the plants to absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, life on Earth will become impossible. All in all, without bees, in about 4 years, it’ll be the end of life as we know it. Therefore, bees are indispensable for the plant and its inhabitants.

In order not to disappear, bees need water. The worker honeybees collect nectar, which contains around 70 percent of water, and convert it into bee bread and honey. The majority of larvae and young bees eat honey, except for the future queen, which eat royal jelly.

During the summer months, a beehive feeder is needed to cool the hive. The temperature inside it must remain close to 35 degrees Celsius. That’s why bees carry water from ponds, ditches, swimming pools, puddles that form after a storm, and from any other place that is accessible. But, the risk of the bees drowning is very high.

When the worker honeybees return to the hive, they deposit the drops of collected water into an empty cell of the beehive. This, in turn, helps keep the temperature within the beehive at the required level.

The bees know exactly where to return, to gather water from the same source. And, they look for water with specific characteristics. Sometimes they can fly for several kilometers to find water and bring it to the hive. Isn’t this amazing? Don’t you just want to help them out? Saving them energy and work, by bringing drinkable water close to the beehives?

How To Make A Bee Waterer

bee waterer

Bees need to get water without falling into it. Thus, a bucket filled with water won’t work. Also, they need to drink from a very shallow water source. However, shallow water evaporates quickly.

A solution to this problem is a simple investment in a shallow container and water marbles polymer balls.

Namely, to help our small pollinators hydrate, you should set up a feeding device by filling a pie dish with water and marbles. The marbles give the bees a place to land, so they do not drown when they come to drink. No more bees drowning!

What Characteristics Should The Bee Waterer Have?


The characteristic smell of the water leads the bees always to the same place. Therefore, you should avoid the smell of chlorine or the smell of a sewer.


You can use warm water, and during the days when the temperature is very high, you can use fresh water. However, you should avoid giving them cold water. When the bees are cold, they cannot fly, and therefore, it’s difficult for them to return to the hive.

Easy Bee Waterer

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