How To Make Your Very Own Glow In The Dark Stars

The stars that glow in the dark fascinate most kids. You’ll most probably find them stuck on a child’s bedroom ceiling, or on the walls. They are a great way of providing subtle light in the room. Especially for children who are afraid of the dark.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your very own glow in the dark star hanging mobile.

Let’s get started!

DIY Glow In The Dark Stars

What You’ll need

  • Star silicon mold
  • White thread or clear fishing line
  • Glow in the dark glue sticks
  • 16 gauge silver jewelry wire
  • Glue gun


1. Load the glue gun with a glow in the dark glue stick. Make sure you’re using a high-temperature glue gun, and not a low temperature one. Allow the glue gun to preheat for about five minutes.

2. Next, spread the hot glue into the star silicon mold.

3. Let it sit for about three minutes, for the glue to cool down.

4. Once cold, press the underside of the mold gently, to pop out the already formed glow in the dark stars. Clean any rough edges or strings on your stars, with a pair of scissors.

5. Repeat step 1 to 4 until you have enough stars for your hanging mobile kit.

6. Next, you need to create the hanging element for your mobile kit. Cut an 18-inch length wire, and mark the center point at 9-inches, using a magic marker.

7. Take a small pencil or chopstick, center it over the 9-inch mark, and wrap the wire round it twice. This will help create the upper hanging loop.

8. Use a paint can, to create an arc shape on the wire. First, measure 10 inches around one side of the paint can, and mark the beginning and end of that length with a tape. Also, mark the 5-inch center point. Take the piece of wire, center the chopstick over the 5-inch mark, and bend the wire back around the can to create the arc shape.

9. Mark the wire at the beginning and length of the 10-inch length, with a magic marker.

10. Place the chopstick over one of the end marks, wrap it around twice, and trim the excess. Repeat this on the other side.

11. Repeat steps 6 to 10 until you have the desired number of hanging elements.


12. Lay the hanging elements on a work surface in your desired pattern.

13. Connect the elements using white thread, or clear fish line, by running the thread through the loops.

14. With the thread, or fishing line, create hanging loops for the stars.

15. Lay out the desired configuration of your stars over the hanging loops, and hold them in place, using tape. Make sure to lay out an equal number of stars on each side of your metal elements, so that hangs evenly and is not be lopsided.

16. Lift your mobile to test if it’s balanced and hangs just right. If you’re happy with how it looks, remove the tape and use hot glue to stick the stars in place.

Hang your mobile kit in your area of choice, and enjoy the glow.

For more details, watch the video down below.

How To Make An Ethereal Glow-In-The-Dark Star Mobile

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