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You’re Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl Wrong And You Spread Bacteria All Over Your Home! Here’s How To Do It Properly!

It’s neither new nor spectacular discovery that the toilet bowl is a source of all kinds of bacteria. But, what will shock you, is that most of us clean this source of infections completely wrong.

Most probably, your cleaning routine goes like this: you decide that it’s time for a detailed scrub of the toilet and you immediately reach for the brush that stands next to it. The sad truth is that this is entirely wrong and it’s your biggest enemy! Namely, when you use this brush, you disburse all the bacteria that have been accumulated on the bristles. Also, if you don’t wash the brush thoroughly but only return it to its place, you create an ideal environment for further faecal bacterial growth.

You should stop practicing this cleaning routine right now! Here we show you how to properly clean the toilet bowl in your bathroom.

How To Properly Clean The Toilet Bowl

First of all, you should start cleaning the toilet brush regularly, to minimize the risk of bacterial overgrowth. If you don’t have the time to do this, at least fill the brush cup with some disinfectant agent and soak it overnight. In the morning, wash it with hot water.

Next, when you clean the toilet bowl, you mustn’t forget the back side. Just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that there are no bacteria stick to it. If you allow the bacteria to grow and accumulate there, it’ll be difficult to thoroughly clean it in a single go. Thus, it would be better to pay attention to this part of the toilet bowl every time you clean it.

Now, close the toilet lid and flush water. This simple move will help you to reduce the number of bacteria in the bathroom. Then, pour some cleaning agent and let it soak for 15 minutes. Thoroughly scrub the bowl with cleaning brush, close the lid and flush again. Don’t ever forget to close the lid! Did you know that flushing with an open lid could disperse bacteria within a 25cm radius around the toilet bowl? We truly hope that this information will motivate you to close the lid every time you’re about to flush, and that it’ll help you to clean your toilet bowl in the right way!

You’re cleaning your toilet wrong

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