How To Use Gelatin As A Beauty Product For Your Skin And Hair

There is one ingredient that many people have in their kitchens, but few people know how much it can be useful for your inner and outer health. Believe it, or not, it’s the gelatin. According to many studies, the gelatin is so much more than a gelling agent. It also has its own healing properties.

If you didn’t know gelatin has a good effect on your skin and growth of nails and hair. It promotes healthy tendons and speeds up the recovery of painful joints. It also tightens the skin in areas where it is relaxed (this is especially useful for new mothers), improves digestion and is believed to reduce cellulite, because gelatin is very rich in dietary collagen and proteins.

This ingredient contains a lot of amino acids of glycine and proline which in most cases people do not consume it in recommended amounts. These acids are necessary for nails and hair growth, skin health, as well as for maintaining healthy weight and good immune system performance.

Glycine, which accounts for one-third of amino acids in gelatin, has anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to promote wound healing, and also improves the sleep quality.

Gelatin As A Beauty Product

  1. For healthy hair

To regenerate your hair and make it healthy, you should try the gelatin treatment. All you need to do is dissolve one spoon of powdered gelatin in half a cup of cold water. Mix it well and add half a cup of hot water. Then, add one spoon of apple vinegar and one spoon of honey. Massage the obtained gel into the hair from root to tip, leave it for five minutes, rinse with cold water, then wash your hair as you usually do.

  1. Against wrinkles and fine lines

Forget about the expensive anti-wrinkle creams and “iron” your face wrinkles by consuming gelatin every day. Gelatin is a collagen essence that is thermally processed and converted into powder. You can make a gelatin face mask. What you need to do is dissolve one teaspoon of gelatin powder into a ½ cup of cold water. When the gelatin is completely dissolved leave it for 30 minutes. Then, add a ½ cup of warm water. After it’s heated add a few drops of any essential oil that you like, we recommend lavender or tea tree oil.


With the help of a spatula apply the mask evenly on your face. This is a peel-off mask so avoid the eye and mouth area. Let the gelatin mask dry off for half an hour and then slowly peel it off your skin. If you have sensitive skin, remove it by rinsing your face with lukewarm water.

This mask will leave your skin smooth, soft and clean with minimum effort.

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