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Itchy Ear Canal: Possible Causes And Natural Treatments For It

The skin of the inner and outer ear is full of nerve endings, which often causes a feeling of itching. Very sensitive people can develop a chronic form of itching that is completely harmless, but frustrating and unpleasant. Frequent scratching of the ear is most often counterproductive because it causes additional sensitivity of the ear and further itching.

Here are some of the possible causes of an itchy ear.

Removing cerumen from the ears is a part of maintaining routine hygiene, but it is actually very harmful because it disturbs the natural balance of the ears and can cause many health problems that most often start with an itchy ear.

The Possible Causes Of Itchy Ear

Dry Skin

If ceruminal glands do not produce enough cerumen for some reason, the ear will become dry and itchy. Skin peeling can also occur, which you will notice like small flakes that resemble dandruff.

Ear dermatitis

Inner ear dermatitis is inflamed skin that is followed by itching and sometimes redness, discharge, skin peeling and hyperpigmentation. Inflammation can be caused by exposure to certain allergens called contact dermatitis or by eczema.

Ear infection

An external otitis or external ear infection is an infection of the canal caused by different bacteria or fungi. They find their way easily through the lack of cerumen that protects the ear from them and especially develop easily in wet areas. Lighter inflammation characterizes with itching, feeling of discomfort and redness in the ear canal. As the inflammation progresses, the ear becomes painful to the touch and creates a sense of fullness. The hearing can also become weaker from it.

Using a hearing aid

Hearing aids materials in sensitive people can cause an allergic reaction to the skin that causes an itching sensation. Hence, it is important to choose a suitable device that will not irritate the ear canal and cause itching.

How To Treat Ear Itch

  1. Oil

Tea tree, olive, garlic or coconut oil can give you a certain relive for itchy ears. Just warm the oil to comfy temperature and apply a little with a help of a dropper.

  1. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.  Add 3-5 drops of aloe vera gel in your ear to restore the ph level and soothe the inflammation. However, if you have an ear infection you will need a antibiotic treatment for it.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is recommended for excess cerumen in your ear canal. Excess cerumen can also cause itchy ears and temporary hearing loss. What you need to do is dissolve the hydrogen peroxide with water 1:1 ratio and apply one to three drops in your ear.

  1. Don’t use cotton swabs

The most important rule is to avoid using cotton swabs inside your ear. If you have excess cerumen, with cotton swabs you will only push it deeper into the interior of the ear canal. If you have an ear infection, the cotton swabs will make the problem worse. So whatever you do, don’t put a cotton swab inside your ear. You can only use it to clean the exterior of the ear.

itchy ear

Important tips:

If you suffer from ear infection go to your GP immediately. Ear infections, especially those that are in your middle ear don’t pass on their own. What you can do is only straighten your immune system, take elderberry syrup which is rich in vitamin C and drink plenty of fluids. Don’t forget to rest too.

Don’t scratch inside your ear with your fingers, toothpicks, or bobby-pins because you will irritate the skin inside your ear and make it more prone to infection.

Another important thing, if your ear continually itches despite trying every natural remedy, please visit your doctor to find the rooting cause of it. Itchy ear canal usually is a harmless problem and passes by itself but if it doesn’t stop you know what to do: go to your doctor.

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