It’s Official: The Yellow Bumblebee Joined The Ever-Growing List Of Endangered Species

A few years ago, some species were on the endangered list, and now bumblebees have joined that list. When scientists realized that the number of bees was drastically in decline, they went on to warn that “apocalypse” can happen.

 The UN declared May 20 to be “World Bee Day” to remind everyone of how much these species are important for food supplies, as well as for raising awareness for their preservation. However, we didn’t take this warning seriously enough. Over the last 20 years, we brought nearly four species of bees almost to extermination, and three more have disappeared completely.

The Important Role Of Bees In The Eco System

And why are bees so important to humans as well as to the entire wildlife? Besides producing honey which is a pure natural and healthy remedy, bees play an important role in our ecosystem. Every third meal we eat is made by these little insects. If they died out, many plants would go with them, and millions of people and animals would starve to death. Worst of all – we’re not far from such a scenario at all. Humans need to eat to survive. Therefore this should be a big concern for all of us.

There are more than 3000 bees spices in the US alone and many of them are endangered especially the solitary (wild) bees.  In Europe, the great bumblebee (Bombus distinguendus) is at the edge of elimination. The widespread use of pesticides greatly contributed to the reduction of these types of bee numbers.  Pesticides directly lead to the death of certain colonies, but also because they affect greater exposure and increases bee vulnerability to parasites.

The number of bumblebees is also drastically reduced, so scientists tried to find a “replacement” for them. However, this proved to be unsuccessful – smaller bees took pollen from the “male” plant but did not transfer it to the “female”. So, instead of helping pollinate the plants, they actually harm them. That is why it’s a new warning sign as the number of bumblebees, especially in Europe, has decreased dramatically.

People for the umpteenth time led to the endangerment of certain species. Only this time it is much different, since many plants depend on pollination and reproduction of bees, thus endangering the rest of the food chain. If exterminated, millions of people would starve to death in the next few years.

How you can help save the bees? For starters, never kill a bee. Plant something anything – a flower, a tree or bee-friendly plants in your garden. Don’t use chemical pesticides and leave out water in your garden. Buy honey from your local beekeepers and help to support them. And lastly, you can build a DIY native bee home in your garden, read how can you make one. How To Build A Native Bee Home In Your Garden And Help Save Them


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