Learn If You’re A Magnet To Mosquitoes And How To Manage Them!

No one enjoys the buzz or piercing sting of a mosquito. It’s not only irritating, but the bites are itchy and they leave ugly welts on the skin. Mosquitoes, however, tend to attack some people more than others. If you find that you’re one of the people who can’t just get a break from mosquitoes, this article is for you. We will explore why they enjoy feasting on some people more than others, and what you can do to keep them at bay.

There are over 3,000 kinds of mosquitoes, but only about 200 of them bite. Also, important to note is that only female mosquito bites, because they need human blood in order to develop fertile eggs.

What Attracts Mosquitoes More To Some Than Others?

It’s not by chance that you find it harder to keep mosquitoes off you. Scientists have been doing research and they have found that several factors make some people more susceptible to mosquito bites than others.

1. Genetics

Research shows that genetics accounts for 85% of vulnerability to mosquito bites. So, it’s not necessarily what you do or doesn’t do right, it could just be your genetic makeup.

2. Cholesterol

Individuals with higher concentrations of cholesterol or steroids tend to attract mosquitoes too. Some people, process cholesterol more efficiently, leaving larger amounts of the by-product on their skin surface. This is what attracts the biting insect to them.

3. Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes have an impressive sense of smell. They can smell their target from as far as 50 meters away. If you produce more carbon dioxide than the average person, then you become an easy prey. Certain factors affect the amount of carbon dioxide one produces. Larger people, for instance, produce more carbon dioxide and so do pregnant women. During and after a workout, your body produces more carbon dioxide. Alcohol also impacts the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

4. Color

Mosquitoes see colors. Bright colors, which blend in with the light, tend to keep them off, while dark colored clothes, such as blue or black, tend to attract them. Red draws to their attention too.

5. Body Odor And Other Scents

Your body odor is influenced by genetic factors, bacteria, what you eat, drink and apply to your body. People who produce higher amounts of uric acid and lactic acid through sweat, tend to attract mosquitoes more than others. Some types of bacteria are also very attractive to these insects.


How To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

These insects breed in stagnant water. Thus, the first step is to stay away from swampy areas with stagnant water. If you can’t avoid being around such an area, then fumigate or find someone to fumigate the area, so as to kill the mosquitoes and destroy their eggs. You might not get rid of them all, but at least you’ll have the population under control.

Regularly trim your lawn, making sure that the grass is short, because each mosquito loves to hide in tall grass and bushy plants.

Bath often and thoroughly, and drink lots of water. This way, you’ll dilute your sweat and minimize the amount of uric acid that is expelled during perspiration.

Lastly, invest in mosquito repellent creams and sprays, and use them regularly when you’re exposed to these annoying insects.

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