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Fight Anxiety, Insomnia, And High Blood Pressure With Lemon Balm. Here’s How To Use The Plant Against Numerous Health Conditions!

Lemon balm is a plant that bees are very fond of. In addition, it is very medicinal and aromatic plant. Due to the very specific scent, which resembles a lemon, people confused the lemon balm with lemongrass. However, these two plants are totally different in appearance and taste.

Lemon balm is used as a medicinal plant for more than two thousand years, and its medicinal properties were first discovered by the Arabs. They prepared tea that they used to reduce depression and tension. In the Middle Ages, it was also used to treat wounds, against insomnia, for better appetite and digestive problems. Moreover, some people even used them to refresh the rooms by placing the branches of lemon balm on the floor.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm

The lemon balm contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, bitter substances, and tannin. The most important medicinal substance, however, is the essential oil that enhances it. Research by German scientists has shown that the essential oil from lemon balm works on the part of the brain that manages the autonomic nervous system, thus protecting it from negative external influences. Due to numerous positive features, pregnant women especially can use it against nausea

You can use lemon balm for calming and treating anxiety, for menstrual problems, hyperthyroidism, and flatulence. Although, if you suffer from thyroid condition consult your doctor whether you should take lemon balm. Because lemon balm can slow down the absorption of thyroid hormone replacement pills and disturb the hormonal balance. Remedies made from this plant gently spread the peripheral blood vessels and lower the high blood pressure while cleansing the blood and strengthening the heart.

You can add it to your medicated baths if you have a problem with painful muscles and rheumatism. If you mix it with other medicinal herbs it may help greatly in curing various conditions.

To make calming tea for anxiety and stress, mix the one tsp. lemon balm with one tsp. mint, chamomile flower, and valerian root.  Take one tablespoon of this mixture and pour one cup of boiling water on it, leave it covered for about three hours and drink it after dinner.

If you have problems with bloating and flatulence, you should make tea by mixing lemon balm, mint and chamomile.

lemon balm

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Lemon Balm

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