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Plant Lemon In A Cup And Get Nice Smelling Home (+ It Will Purify Your Home Air!)

As outdoor temperatures rise, so does our desire to grow fruits or vegetables in our garden. If you are not one of the lucky ones who have a large garden to plant your desired foods, why not plant plants on your own balcony?

To help you with this, we bring you tips for successful lemon growing on the balcony.

The lemon tree can grow up to six meters tall and can even serve as a shade on smaller balconies. As for the planting itself, lemon is best suited for well-drained soils with a lighter texture. You should care for the fruit as soon as you plant it.

Namely, for the successful cultivation of lemons on the balcony, loamy and sandy-loamy soil is best.

Lemons are the ideal fruit for beginners because the tree has flowers and fruits of different maturity all year long.

In addition to looking pretty, lemon leaves vaporize phytoncides. These are special substances that destroy bacteria in the air. So if you keep it in a room it will purify the air and remove any harmful particles that have a bad effect on the human body.

Plant Lemon Successfully In Pots

For growing lemons in a jar or larger pot, the south side of the balcony with plenty of natural light is the best. Specifically, lemon is a type of citrus that in its natural environment is accustom to extremely high temperatures and much sunlight. The optimum soil moisture should be 60 percent, which also applies to humidity in the air. So, water it whenever there is a need for it. The lack of water in the soil will cause drying off the leaves and the fruits will stunt.

Clean the leaves of dust regularly. You can use a wet cloth to clean them. This procedure allows the plant to breathe better and increases the amount of light it receives.

In summer you must keep it outdoors.  But, in winter it is best to bring it into a closed and protected room where the temperature will never drop below ten degrees. It is important to note that once you bring it into the house, the lemon tree needs to be thoroughly cleaned of any pests. You need to trim it as well.

Lemon trimming includes any removal of a damaged branch to encourage more successful and faster growth of the shoot. In addition to the necessary temperature and sufficient sunlight, you should protect the plant from the wind. It is best to place it in a lee, or at least cover it with a suitable protective film.

This is your chance to plant lemon in your home! 🙂

plant lemon

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