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Losing Weigh Is A Total Nightmare For People With Hypothyroidism. Here’s How To Do It

Weight loss and maintenance of targeted weight can be a real struggle specially if you have hypothyroidism and you feel exhausted. However, if you solve one challenge at a time, success is guaranteed.

We bring you a pretty detailed guide that will tell you what to do if you want to lose weight despite the underactive thyroid gland.

Maintain Healthy Weight If You Suffer From Hypothyroidism

Optimize the drugs you use

Throughout this process, the most important thing is to correct the way you are taking the thyroid hormones. If you do not feel big changes despite your treatment then weight loss will be drastically difficult. Talk to your doctor and ask him to prescribe other medicines or change the dose if you do not feel any changes until you find the ones that suit you most. In that case, weight loss will be much easier.

Reduce sugar intake and processed starch

This is certainly one of the most important things. Carbohydrates are not so bad for your health and they do not cause obesity. It all comes down to the exact intake of calories during the day, and it is very important what kind of carbohydrates you consume.

For example, the carbohydrates that you enter in the form of highly processed starches and sugar are very harmful and unneeded. They almost do not have any nutritional value and through them, we import a large number of empty calories. This means you have to avoid consuming fast food, sugary carbonated drinks, alcohol, white bread, processed cereals, and processed foods.

Eat more protein and vegetables

If you want to lose weight even though you have an underactive thyroid gland, each meal should be based on protein and vegetables. There are good reasons for this. The first one is that proteins can reduce your hunger better than carbohydrates and fats. Studies show that people who have more protein based diet can reduce obsessive food ideas by as much as 60 percent.

And, the second one is that your diet must consist of foods with nutritional value. But this is also important for some other autoimmune diseases when absorption of nutrients and the absence of the same is slightly more frequent. Consume mushrooms, cabbage (thermally processed) and other green leafy vegetables. Additionally, vegetables are an excellent source of fiber.  Many studies show that taking fibers irregularly, unbalance the bacteria in the intestines.

Boost your selenium and zinc levels

These are nutrients that are directly related to the work of the thyroid gland. It is very important that your diet contains adequate amounts of these minerals to improve the work of the thyroid gland and accelerate metabolism.

Selenium is a mineral that is included in the production of thyroid hormone.  Zinc, on the other hand, is necessary because it controls the TSH hormones. Although the lack of zinc in the body is very rare, you should increase its intake if you want to lose weight and you have a problem with an underactive thyroid gland.

Walk regularly and exercise at least once a week

Weight loss means burning more calories than what you enter in the day. Physical activity is very important in this whole process. In addition, physical activity improves the health in the way that nutrients can’t. If you want to lose weight you do not have to exercise intensively but walk every day or do easy exercises.


  • Let your sleep be a priority. Do not sacrifice a good dream because of work or partying. Bad sleeping routine is one of the major causes of obesity.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take supplements that positively affect your thyroid gland. Consult your doctor to prescribe appropriate supplements that will give you more energy.

underactive thyroid

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