Heavily Abused Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Was Rescued And Now Became A Therapy Dog

Dogs are human’s best friends. However, some people don’t treat them properly and abuse them. This is the story of a dog that was abused but one person will change its life forever. A Lebanese dog named Maggie was severely abused. Her eyes were damaged, her ears cut off and her jaw broken because she took 17 gunshots.

One Lebanon concerned citizen posted the condition that Maggie was in. This charity found this dog strapped to a box and saved her. The biggest problem was she was pregnant. However, Maggie was a real survivor that stayed positive regardless of the severe abuse.

Afterward, she was adopted by the amazing Kasey Carlin a UK citizen and devoted dog lover. The life of Maggie changed forever.

Maggie-The Abused Dog That Became The Best Therapy Dog

After adoption, Kasey started the process of rehabilitation for Maggie. She became confident and full of life so Kasey decided to put her through assistant training. Maggie passed the test with flying colors; therefore Kasey decided to share it on Instagram. The post became very popular and Maggie gained 100000 followers on Instagram.

She now is a verified therapy dog.  Therapy dogs in the narrow sense only address their presence and specific behaviors contributing to the better mental state of their owners. They are encouraging owners to communicate. This helps secret the hormones that stimulate the work of the brain and contribute to improving the general condition of the owner. People with autism or post-traumatic stress benefit from therapy dogs the most. In some cases, these dogs can help or warn owners that it’s time to use therapy, etc.

They are specific working dogs and, in addition to spending a little time playing and relaxing, they practically, without command, dedicate their entire lives watching over their owners. People really trust these dogs with their lives!

The story of Maggie literally warms your heart and will make you adopt a puppy from the local shelter rather than buying it. The people who adopted abused dogs and take care of them, treat them, and make a home for them are the true heroes.  Whenever I see someone’s dog on the street, frozen, hungry and abused, I first think that it could make someone happy in countless ways, if only it had the opportunity. We hope that Maggie’s story will inspire you and make you consider adopting a pup. Rescue dogs can give you some much love and compassion that will make your life truly blessed.


Reference: Maggie, A Warzone Rescue Dog, Teaches Us About Love, Kindness, And Positivity
Therapy dog
Image from Instagram Profile Of Maggie


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