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Recycling Can Be Fun: How To Make DIY Magical Fairly Lanterns

If you have children, or you are still a child at heart, and you love fairy tales and magical places, then this DIY is the right thing for you. Today we show you a simple way to make your own magical lanterns, which will give your bedroom or your child’s room a touch of magic.

This DIY is very easy, so we are sure you will try to do it as soon as possible. You do not need any special skills or expensive materials. You probably have everything that is needed for this project at home. So, let’s begin…

DIY Magical Fairy Lanterns Made With Jars

Besides looking cool, you will be able to recycle your jars and give them a new purpose. You can use glass bottles as well. There are two methods for creating these types of lamps.

1. Painted fairy lamps

For the first one you will need the following materials:

  • Glass jars (remove the label from it, tip: pickle jars are the best)
  • Acrylic paint (glow in dark)
  • Paintbrush (small-sized)
  • Paper cutouts or fairy cardboard


Take the brush, and paint as many shapes inside of the jar. Be creative and use your imagination, for example, you can paint stars or geometric shapes. You can use many colors so the lamps look colorful and interesting.

After you finished with the painting, leave the jars to dry. Once the paint is set, put the jars in an area that has a good light exposure so the paint absorbs the light and the glow effect activates. Next, cut the fairy cardboards and put them inside the jar.

When you turn off the light you will get a magical fairy lamp. If you want the lamp to shine even brighter, you can put LED lights in it. You can put some glitter as well, or stick flowers accessories on to the lid.

2. Glue and glitter lamps

You will need:

  • Glass jars (remove the label from it)
  • Packets of glitter
  • Colored glue
  • LED lights or glow sticks
  • Paper cutouts or fairy cardboard


First, put different colors of glue inside your jar, make sure to cover all of the surfaces. Then, take the glitter and carefully sprinkle it inside so it gets stuck on the wall of the jar. Put the lid on the jar and shake well.

Leave the jar to dry for a bit. Once it dries, put the fairy cutouts inside the jar. You can attach them with a thread and stick the threads with glue on the lid, so it looks like they are floating in the air.

Next, put some glue on the lid and sprinkle a little bit of glitter on to it. This way you will cover the boring metal lid and make it look more mysterious.

In the end, add the LED lights or glow sticks inside the jar and turn off the lights. You will get an illuminating charming lamp.

There are many different videos of how to make these types of magical lanterns on Youtube. Make sure to check some of them and get creative.

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