Markers Can Turn Your Smartphone Camera Into Germ Finding Blacklight (Video)

Even though it may seem impossible at this point, you can make your own blacklight for searching germs in your home. It’s very simple and easy, and all you need is red and blue markers!

Markers Can Transform Your Smartphone Camera Into Blacklight

Markers can help you transform your smartphone camera into germ finding blacklight. To make this, you’ll need the following:

– Smartphone
– Scotch tape
– Blue marker
– Red marker

Begin by taping the smartphone camera with a piece of scotch tape. Color the tape with the blue marker. Repeat the steps – add another piece of scotch tape and color it blue. Then, add one more layer of scotch tape and color it red. Et voilà! Your DIY blacklight is ready to use!

Go into your bathroom, with the lights turned off. Turn on the flashlight of your smartphone’s camera. Isn’t that just gross? You’re able to see all the bacteria and germs attached to the toilet bowl and other surfaces, right? Well, now you know that you need to spend quality time cleaning your bathroom.

You can use this blacklight camera to check the other rooms of your home as well. Also, you can use to check your hands, if they’re clean after washing.

But, did you know that besides for drawing, you can use markers for other practical things as well?

– If you don’t have candles at hand when the lights are out, you can light a marker. Keep it close by as an emergency candle.

– Your kids will enjoy with a multicolored marker while learning their new school lessons. Don’t you think?

– Velcro your markers to the boards, to keep them close.

– Make your own super-cool galaxy sneakers.

For more details on how it’s done, watch the video down below.

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