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Nature To The Rescue: Quit Smoking With The Help Of 4 Ingredients

The exact number of smokers is unknown, but it grows year after year. Cigarettes become more and more expensive, and the harm from them is well known. Are you a smoker? If your answer is yes, then it’s time for you to quit.

Call up the nature for help and get rid of the cigarettes that are poisoning you slowly.

Those who tried know that it is not so easy to quit smoking. But many former smokers claim that their lives changed for the better when they left the cigarettes. Consult a doctor, seek help, and try the medication from nature.

Natural Ingredients That Suppress The Need For Cigarettes


Oat is a plant that can reduce the desire for cigarettes. You can use it in the form of essences, infusions or softened in water. Of course, there are also bread and cookies of oats that you can prepare yourself.


Lobelia is a natural anti-smoking medicine. It is used because it has active ingredients, which have the same effect as nicotine. Studies show that lobelia or Indian tobacco boost the dopamine in your brain just like the cigarette does.  You can use it as a tincture: three drops in a hot water, 3 times a day, for 9-10 days continually.


Ginseng can also help you.  It can stop the dopamine that releases as a result of the nicotine consumption. You can use capsules, tinctures or dried roots of this plant. Take ginseng in capsules twice a day for a week. For better results, make ginseng tea and drink two doses daily.

Cayenne peppers

These peppers are great for fighting nicotine addiction. Cayenne peppers dull the respiratory system and make it less sensitive to addictive substances like nicotine. They also improve your mood and clean your body from toxins especially from cigarettes. You can include cayenne powder in your daily diet or dilute a pinch of it in water and drink it.

Other tips:

Balanced and healthy nutrition can also help you. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid fast food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and too much coffee.

Be more active, exercise or clean whatever that keeps your mind away from cigarettes.

Before taking any of these plants, consult a doctor, about the dosage. Good luck 🙂

quit smoking

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