helichrysum essential oil

Nature’s Most Powerful Essential Oil Can Subtitle Every Painkiller Without Any Side Effects

Helichrysum oil is a natural product that is used since ancient times, mostly because of its pleasant smell. However, what makes it different from other oils is that it has a kind of anti-age effect. Therefore, it has become known as an effective product for removing wrinkles and scars from the face. He was first used for this purpose in France.There, this plant is known as Immortelle, which literally means – immortal.

Helichrysum essential oil has special properties that have an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect.  As such, people use the oil in dozens of different ways to improve your health and defend yourself from diseases.

Many people don’t know that this oil is a great pain reliever. People with chronic pain often reach out for the painkillers that have many side effects. But, from now on you can try the helichrysum essential oil which will do the same thing and that is reducing your joint, muscle and bone pain. It’s completely natural so you will avoid digesting all these chemicals from the painkillers.

Helichrysum Essential Oil As Pain Reliever

It efficiently acts against inflammation, and in addition, you can use it for disinfection and detoxification. What is most notable is the presence of italidiones, chemical compounds that give these flowers and leaves regenerative properties.

Hence their great popularity, since they feed cells and tissue, they work to restore and revitalize them. In addition, the antibiotic properties from the helichrysum essential oil also have an anesthetic effect, so it calms the pain. It is especially effective for muscle cramps. For this reason, it is very useful in phytotherapy and for athlete’s massage.

Interestingly, this gift of nature has a positive effect on varicose veins, hematomas and blood clots.

How To Use It

For chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you should start with dilute Helichrysum in other carrier oil. First, start with a weak solution like 5 % and work your way up if it’s needed. You can make 5 % oil solution by mixing 30 ml of carrier oil and 40 drops of helichrysum essential oil. If you double the amount of the mixture you will get a stronger 10 % solution and so on.

For acute pain

If you suffer from acute pain like a twisted ankle or a burn, you should apply helichrysum oil (undiluted) on the affected area. When you see improvement in your injury you can dilute the oil with other carrier oil (olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc.) to make 20 % oil mixture. Apply this mixture until your injury heals and your pain goes away.

Note: Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should consult a doctor before using this product. When it comes to oil from the dreadful side effects that can occur are mild dizziness and nausea. These are all passing states. Also, kids younger than 6 years shouldn’t use this oil. Moreover, don’t apply this oil near your eyes or on open wounds because it may irritate the skin. People who are allergic to Asteraceae/Compositae plant family shouldn’t use this oil as well.

helichrysum essential oil


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