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Move Over Dark Chocolate, It’s Time For A New Type Of Chocolate

We all know about dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, but pink chocolate? Yes, you heard right. There is officially a fourth type of chocolate, the so-called ruby chocolate. The name comes from the special cocoa plant Ruby, which grows in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast

The creator of the new chocolate miracle is the chocolate giant and the most famous Swiss candy maker, Barry Callebaut.

The Delicious Ruby Chocolate

The emphasis is, of course, on a specific natural pink color, which is obtained by a special grain processing. This chocolate doesn’t contain any artificial flavors and colors. The light and creamy texture are somewhere between white and milk chocolate, while the taste is a mild mixture of berries and milk chocolate. It’s neither too sweet nor too bitter. Now, the best part of the whole story is that you can eat this chocolate in much larger quantities because it has far fewer calories than milk and dark chocolate.

With this discovery, the Barry Callebaut Company hit the heart of every chocolate lover, who consumed his favorite dessert with a guilty conscience.

In fact, the company believes that pink chocolate meets the wishes of today’s generations. “It’s natural, vibrant in color, hedonistic, made to please, but it has the authenticity of chocolate,” said Barry Callebaut.

By the way, this is the first type of chocolate that was “invented” after 1930. On that year Nestle introduced its first white chocolate. Scientists have been working on “ruby” chocolate for more than 13 years since the company discovered red cocoa. The result is certainly noteworthy – pink chocolate.

The pink chocolate was first introduced in 2017 when the Barry Callebaut made the ruby-colored cacao chocolate. However, after 2 years The U.S FDA gave this ruby chocolate a green light so it can be presented on the market.

Nowadays, there are many chocolate companies that produce the ‘so-called’ ruby chocolate. You can find Ruby KitKat chocolates which made a real boom on the market. Fans of KitKat chocolates enthusiastically welcomed this chocolate in a new pink appearance, and the reports on the amount of KitKat chocolates sold exceed those of last year.

When it comes to other producers, we should mention the famous American company Compartes. This is a company that goes for very bold chocolate combinations, such as chocolate with avocado. In the pink edition, this company brings a bar of chocolate called Roses & Rose, with a very nice and interestingly decorated board.

So would you like to taste the new ruby chocolate? We certainly would love to!

ruby chocolate

Reference: Move Over Dark Chocolate: Look Out for Pink Chocolate, the New Food Trend
Ruby chocolate

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