What Did You Notice First? Let’s See What It Says About Your Special Personality Traits

Our minds are truly amazing. How are minds percept things changes depending on many factors. One of these factors is the subconscious mind. The mind is woven with secrets and mysteries. It is still not sufficiently researched and scientists cannot decipher all its signals. But one thing is for sure, the subconscious mind often tries to point us in the right direction and the right decisions we should make.

Moreover, most ingenious ideas are born in the subconscious. We trust the conscious mind more because its arguments are more understandable and do not have to be interpreted further. However, sometimes it is much better to pay attention to what the subconscious has to say.

So, there was an art project from the Christo Dagorov named ‘Lips’. So what you should do is look at the image and tell us what you see first on it. Your subconscious mind can tell you many unique things about your personality.

Personality Test: What You First Notice On The Picture?

  1. Roots

You first found the roots. This means that you are probably an introvert. You accept criticism and recognize the mistakes that you made. By doing this, you work on your self-improvement. People usually get the wrong impression and misread you. However, after getting to know you they realize that you are a wise and cheerful person. This happens and it’s not your fault we often build walls to protect ourselves and that’s ok.

  1. Lips

If you noticed the lips first, you are a discreet and simple person. You don’t like too much drama and enjoy life without unnecessary complications. You go with the flow and your thoughts are pretty flexible. People perceived you as weak, but this is not true. You have a strong personality and can overcome the problems that are thrown at your way without the help of anyone. Like we said before, you don’t like drama so you are always honest with others. That’s why your friends come to you for your honest opinion and advice.

  1. Trees

If you saw trees in the picture, you probably are extrovert. You are a kind and respectful person. However, you don’t allow people to push you around and insulting you. You pretend to not care about what people think of you, but in reality, you do care. Moreover, you are a sensitive and compassionate person.

You are a friendly person with many contacts, however, you keep a small circle of people who you consider as your true friends. Furthermore, you are an intuitive person and probably good at recognizing fake persons. You can cover up your true emotions very impressively and keep them to yourself. After all, there is this quote: better safe, than sorry.


Reference:The first thing you see in this optical illusion will reveal something about your personality
The First Thing You See In This Image Says Something About Your Personalty


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