Study Shows That Prolonged Fasting Can Regenerate Your Entire Immune System

Recent scientific research shows that we can regenerate our immune system with prolonged fasting. Some scientists even say that abstaining from fatty foods for as little as 3 to 4 days can stimulate the human body to produce new cells and improve the general health.

Even though some health experts criticize fasting as unhealthy, new studies suggest that it stimulates the stem cells to produce new leukocytes. These cells are commonly known as white blood cells, and help prevent infections and fight off diseases.

Whether your organism has serious damages from chemotherapy or from aging, limiting your intake of foods can regenerate your immune system and improve your health.

Scientists believe that this discovery can be of huge benefit to people with a weakened immune system. Especially to patients with cancer, who undergo chemotherapy. Fasting can also help elderly people, whose immunity has weakened over the years, making them vulnerable in the fight with many common diseases.

Regeneration Of The Immune System

Scientists say that fasting activates the regeneration switch that encourages the stem cells to create new white blood cells, and therefore, restore the entire immune system. Simply said, a prolonged fast gives a signal to the stem cells for proliferation and recovery of the entire system. In this way, the body removes the ineffective, damaged and old parts from the system.

A daily intake between 750 and 1,050 calories can decrease the number of white blood cells and activate the regeneration process of the immune system.

Namely, limiting your food intake helps reduce the presence of the PKA enzyme, and stimulates the stem cell activity. We can further associate this with a weakening of the carcinoma in the body.

Scientists say that this discovery can be particularly useful for people with immune defects, mostly coming from chemotherapy. Fasting will help them get rid of the parts of the immune system that are damaged, and it’ll help them regenerate their immune system.

Are All Health Experts On Board With Fasting?

However, there are researchers who are skeptical about this research and classify it as “unlikely”.

Namely, they do agree that there’s some interesting data in this study. But, it does not show how limiting the food intake can reduce the number or size of the damaged cells.


However, there’s no evidence that fasting is harmful, and there surely is strong evidence that it’s useful. While scientists still need to complete additional clinical studies, the initial results seem very promising.

Note: Fasting diets are safe for people who administer them on every 1 to 3 months. But, it’s necessary to have a medical supervision.

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