rusted bathtub

Remove Rust From Your Bathtub Without Using Harsh And Expensive Chemicals

Many housewives know what rust is and how hard it is to clean it. It is necessary to take immediate steps to solve this problem. Because if the stains get old, it harder to remove them. Rusty bathtub is a total nightmare and it doesn’t look good and at all.

That’s why we suggest removing it as soon as you can.  Instead of expensive and harmful chemicals, you can use the ingredients that each household has in the kitchen.

Here some ingredients that will help you remove the rust from your bathtub.

How To Remove Rust From Your Bathtub

Baking soda

Since the acid from the cola will remove the rust, it certainly sounds a bit illogical that an alkaline substance can do the same. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a little water and apply the resulting past to the rusted surface. Leave it for a couple of hours. After that, use a steel brush to rub the bathtub well.

Lemon and salt

Sprinkle some salt on the rusted part of your bathtub. If the surface is larger, apply a large amount of salt on it. Then, pour apply lemon juice. After a few hours, remove the rust remains with a cloth or brush.


If you do not have any of the above-mentioned ingredients in the house, try white vinegar. White vinegar is good to clean up a variety of things, as well as to remove rust. In the bowl pour one cup of vinegar and diluted it with a little bit of water. Pour the solution on the rusty part of your bathtub. In just a few minutes you will notice that the rust disappears.

Lemon and tartar sauce

Another excellent way to remove rust is with a mixture of lemon juice and tartar sauce. Mix these two foods and apply them to the rusty pat with a sponge or a cloth. The lemon juice contains acids that, with the help of tartar sauce, create a powerful abrasive. In this way, you will “gently” clean the steel parts and you will not scratch them.

Pretty cool, right? How do you remove the rust from the bathtub? Tell us in the comments down below.

rusted bathtub

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