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How To Restore Joint Strength And Ease Your Knee Pain Naturally

Knee pain shows that cartilage started slowly but surely to spend. This happens due arthrosis but it may also be something completely different. Maybe, you overload your knee, or if you are involved in sports, you sprained your knee or have poor posture.

The knee may be the largest joint in humans and has one of the greatest burdens on it because it “carries” the entire body weight. When someone experience knee pain – we know that this is a really unpleasant pain that prevents you functioning normally and also irritates you a lot. Knee pain is more likely to occur in younger men who engage in sports but often occur in women because the female body is physically weaker “equipped” with muscles.

How To Straighten Your Knees And Ease The Pain

Something that can be described as the main cause of this irritating pain is constant and prolonged sitting or even standing – and this leads to huge pressure on the knee and burdens it more than normal. Other causes of this pain are frequent sports injuries, then lack of calcium, but also low bone density – which is also significant for the human body. Being overweight is also one of the possible causes of knee pain because then the pressure on it is even stronger, the muscles around it become weaker and you put too much force on the cartilage. Yet another very common cause of pain in the knee is inflammation of the fluid in the knee, or – bursitis.

Poor posture and flat feet also can cause pain in the knee. Even women who often wear high heel shoes suffer from pain in their knees. Because, it is an unnatural position for the legs, but also for the entire body.

As for many diseases, doctors recommend a frequent physical activity for knee pain as well. In this way, you will protect the cartilage of your knees, and alleviate the pain that has occurred earlier. According to Dr. Jo a Doctor of Physical Therapy you should mobilize, stretch and in the end strengthen your knees with exercise. The best exercises for this purpose are squats, step-ups, and lunges.

If you suffer from arthritis you can ease the pain with warm compresses and Epsom baths. Namely, in warm water, the Epsom salt brokes down, and the magnesium ions separate from the salt molecules – magnesium ions reduce stress, improve your circulation and sooth the pain.

The last thing you should try is glucosamine. Glucosamine is essential for the health and elasticity of different types of connective tissue: tendons, ligaments, discs between the vertebrae, the deposits between the joints, cell membranes and cartilage. You can find glucosamine as a supplement in your local pharmacy.

Watch the Dr.Jo’s video down below to learn about the different knee exercises:

Reference: How to heel your knee and rebuild joint strength

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