Revamp Your Home Décor With Old Pennies

With time, we get used to our homes, so they become boring. Also, they begin to age and we start liking certain aspects less and less. It could be the old scratched wooden floor, or the not so appealing wallpaper, or something else. But, some simple DIY fixes can help you revamp your home décor, while saving you some money. Have you ever thought of using pennies?

In the United States, copper pennies are among the highest disseminated coins. Most of us have them lying in jars, in small bags or drawers, all around the house. Did you know that there are many ways in which you can use these coins, to give your home a new look?

Here are 3 ideas on how you can add some shimmer and revamp your décor with this tiny currency.

How To Revamp Your Home With Old Pennies

Spruce Up The Old Floor

If you have a wooden floor, which is all dented and rough, you can use pennies to give it a new look. This décor also work on tiled flooring. All you need is strong glue, such as Elmer’s glue, some epoxy, and grout.

Pennies come in different shades of color, so you can make things interesting by creating a pattern on your floor. If they are not enough to fill up your desired pattern, you can dye some of the shinier coins with liver sulfur gel, to give the metal a darker tarnish. To help the coins stick to the floor, it’s better to use grout together with Elmer’s glue.

Once the coins are all in place, apply several coats of shiny epoxy over them, giving each coat time to dry. The epoxy will make your floor look shiny and elegant, and it will feel good to walk on to.

Revamp Your Walls

You might have that one wall that just looks unappealing. Maybe the wallpaper is all torn up, or the paintwork peeled off. In the very same way, as you would apply pennies on the floor, you can stick them to the wall.

Create a pattern of your choice and feel free to use some liver sulfur gel, to stain some of the pennies, so as to produce the desired pattern. For the wall, you may apply epoxy, but not heavily, as you would on the floor. You could also just leave the pennies bare and still get that shimmer, giving your space a whole new appearance.

Give Your Furniture A Facelift With Pennies

Sometimes we find ourselves with a sturdy piece of furniture that is functional, but aged and aesthetically unpleasant. While there are many ways of sprucing up old furniture, using pennies is unique and it will add shimmer to your décor.


Using furniture glue, stick the coins over the areas you need to cover, such as a table top. Once it’s covered as desired, apply several coats of epoxy, to make the surface smooth and give your furniture that glaze. Et voilà! You’ve got yourself a new unique piece of furniture.

There are many other ways that you could use pennies to enhance your home décor. These DIY projects are easy to execute, fun and the results are simply mind-blowing.

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