Rosemary Is A Spicy Herb With Amazing Healing Properties. Here’s How To Grow It At Home

Rosemary is a shrubbery, fragrant, evergreen herb that is especially beautiful when in its bloom. It’s a great choice for hedges. It grows from one to three meters in height, has needle-shaped leaves that are 2-3 cm long, and has tiny and bright-blue flowers.

Here’s Why You Should Start Growing Rosemary At Home

The main component of the rosemary herb is its essential oil. This oil has a pleasant aroma and a spicy flavor. It consists of camphor, borneol, pinene, camphene, cineol and bornyl acetate. In addition, it contains tannin, saponin and some other substances, such as amars.

Rosemary acts as a cholagogue and choleretic. According to some research, intravenous rosemary injection enhances the secretion of bile for two times in experimental animals. In addition, this plant has antiseptic, emmenagogue, hypertensive, antirheumatic, anti-neural, and anti-inflammatory effects.

This herb prevents the action of the highly reactive oxygen molecules, which cause skin aging. Also, it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, and raises muscle tone. Because of these properties, it is a common ingredient of creams and other facial care products used for prevention of wrinkles. In addition, the ethereal oil of this plant has been used for centuries in the fragrance industry. For instance, women in the Mediterranean countries have been putting freshly washed laundry to dry out on widespread rosemary shrubs. This way, the laundry gets the fresh scent of this herb.

How To Plant Rosemary

When planting in pots, you should propagate the rosemary from the mother plant, in order to achieve the best yield. After transplanting, the plant requires a lot of light and minimal watering. Choose a strong, high-quality plant, with recent growths.

Remove a few stems that come from the mother plant, and then use scissors to cut the lower set of leaves. This plant grows better from its cuttings than from seeds. Dip the bottom of each cutting in a little bit of water, just so it gets wet. Do not soak them. Mix equal amounts peat and perlite in a plastic cup. Fix each of the cuttings in a container. Then, using a spray bottle, moisten them with water. Once the cuttings start to root, they are ready for planting. This usually occurs within two to four weeks.


Keep the pots on a window, which will allow the plant to get a lot of light. This plant requires at least six hours of direct sunlight. Thus, a window looking to the south or the west is the best choice for this. Also, if you live in cooler areas that aren’t that sunny, it’s advisable to grow the rosemary plant in pots, so that it’s easier for you to move it.

How to Grow Rosemary
What Is Rosemary Good For?

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