pineapple plant

Save Your Money And Grow Pineapple Plant From Itself At Home

Have you ever thought about planting tropical fruits… let’s say pineapple in your home? It’s much simpler than you might think and therefore don’t waste time, but start planting your own pineapple. To plant it you do not need any particular seed, you only need ordinary pineapple that you bought at the store.

Pineapple is very healthy fruit. It contains many enzymes and bromelain is one of them. This enzyme helps with digestive disorders, allergies, healing of scars, etc. Moreover, it has potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and vitamin C, pyridoxine, beta-carotene, folate, and fibers. Another positive effect of pineapple consumption is antioxidant activity.

Because of these amazing properties of pineapple, you should grow it at home.  Follow these simple steps and in no time you will have a beautiful fruity plant at home with minimum effort.

How To Grow Pineapple Plant At Home

Step One

When you bought a pineapple and brought it home, cut off its green top so you can simply tear it with your hand. The goal is to cut only the green leaves with a little juicy flesh on top. Then cut off the meat with a knife and remove the first layer of small brownish leaves that are at the very bottom. Afterward, remove the first layer of smaller green leaves until small brown roots appear. Peel another layer of leaves so more roots are visible.

Step Two

After that, put the pineapple in a glass of water, but be careful the water should be at its tip.  Place the glass on the window where there is a lot of sunlight and wait for spouts to appear, which should take several weeks (usually after 3 weeks). If necessary, peel another layer of green leaves.

Step Three

When the sprouts emerge, the pineapple plant should be transferred in a pot with soil. Afterward, put the pot on a dry and sunny place and water it once a week. If you see that the soil is very dry, water it more often.

You need to know that it may take one year for the pineapple to fully develop and it will not even be close to the size of the one you buy at the store, but by then you will have a beautiful ornamental plant in your home.

By growing at your home there is no need to buy a pineapple at the store, plus you will always have it at hand when you want to make various dishes and remedies.

pineapple plant

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