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Secret Keyboard Shortcuts That Can Make Your Life Easier, And Save You Up To 8 Working Days A Year!

If your computer is a necessary tool, you know that you have generally two options for using it – mouse or keyboard. (Touchpad computers are not often used in everyday work.) Therefore, using keyboard shortcuts can save you some time and make your life easier!

Research shows that a person who uses a computer on a daily basis can save up to 64 hours a year only by using keyboard shortcuts. This means that the keyboards can save you up to 8 working days each year! Isn’t this a sufficient reason for you to start using shortcuts?

For example, instead of using the mouse to copy text, you can use only the keyboard. All you need to do is select the text you want to copy by pressing Ctrl + Up Arrow, and then press Ctrl + C. Et voilà! The text is copied. Now press Ctrl + V to paste the text where you want.

Or, is a program not responding? You can simply shut it down by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete. And your frustration will go away in a second. Easy, right?

If you want to be more productive and faster while working on the computer, we suggest you to start using these keyboard shortcuts. They will make your life easier for sure!

In this article, we categorized them into two groups, shortcuts for Windows and for Apple.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here we will refer to the Windows button with the symbol ⊞.

– Press ⊞ to open the Start Menu

– ⊞ + A takes you to the Action Center

– If you want to select the Notification Area, press ⊞ + B. This will get you to the first icon. Then, just press the Left and Right Arrow buttons to switch between icons.

– To switch to a program that displays a new message in the Notification Area, press ⊞ + Ctrl + B

– Want to talk to Cortana? Simply press ⊞ + C

– ⊞ + D minimizes all open windows and shows you the Desktop

– ⊞ + E opens the Quick Access window

– Want to find files and folders? Simply press ⊞ + F

– Press ⊞ + Ctrl + F to open Find computers

– In the mood for a game? Press ⊞ + G

– ⊞ + K connects you to wireless display and audio devices

– In a hurry to lock your computer? Simply press ⊞ + L

– Press ⊞ + M to minimize all open windows

– Want to restore the minimized windows? Press ⊞ + Shift + M

– Lock the orientation of the screen with ⊞ + O

– If you’re in a meeting and need to connect to an external projector, press ⊞ + P

– ⊞ + Q opens the Search window for apps, files and settings

– ⊞ + R opens you the Run Dialog

– ⊞ + T selects the icons from the Taskbar. Use the Left and Right Arrow buttons to switch between icons.

– You can’t find Settings and Utility Manager? All you need to do is press ⊞ + U

– Do you find Windows Ink Workspace helpful? Press ⊞ + W to open Sticky Notes or Sketchpad.

– ⊞ + X opens the Power User Menu

– If you have Yahoo Messenger, you can open it by pressing ⊞ + Y

keyboard shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re a fan of Mac, then you should find the following keyboard shortcuts very helpful. We will refer to the Command button with this symbol ⌘.

– Want to scroll to the top of the webpage? Simply press ⌘ + Up Arrow

– ⌘ + Down Arrow brings you to the bottom of the page.

– ⌘ + ; finds you misspelled words in a document.

– ⌘ + 1 will take you to the first opened tab. By pressing the command button and 2, 3, and so on, you’ll be able to cycle through different open tabs.

– Instead of letters, you can delete words by pressing Option Alt + Delete.

– ⌘ + H hides all open tabs from an active app.

– ⌘ + Shift + T opens the last closed tab in a browser.

– ⌘ + F3 closes all open apps and shows you the desktop.

– To increase/decrease computer volume in steps ¼ the size of normal ones, simply press Option Alt + Shift + Vol. Up/ Vol. Down.

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