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Simple DIY Herb Planters With Clothespins

There is something about cooking with fresh herbs. They give the dishes an aroma and flavor you can never get from dried over the counter herbs. I have for a long time wanted to plant fresh herbs in my kitchen, and therefore, add some zest to my cooking. That is why I got so excited when I learned how to make herb planters with clothespins. You get aesthetics and functionality in one go!

What You Need

For this project, you will need the following:

– Clothespins (each can will take about 20 wooden clothespins)
– Tuna cans (as many as the number of herb planters you want to make)
– Bronze spray paint (oil-rubbed)
– Wood finish stain marker pen
– Baby herbs

Directions For The Clothespins

Take each clothespin apart. Doing this will allow you to color each clothespin adequately, without the interference of the silver spring. As you take the clothespins apart, make sure to be gentle and not to stretch the springs too much when taking them off. Otherwise, once assembled, the clothespins will not hold tightly onto the can.

Use the stain marker pen to shade the wooden part of the clothespin. You can make it more interesting by darkening some areas more than others. Using a stain marker pen as opposite to traditional paint will give them a more interesting look. Plus, it’s less messy than using paint and a brush.

Give the shaded clothespin time to dry completely, which could take a couple of hours. So, in the meantime, prepare the tuna cans.

Directions For The Cans

Start by cutting off the top of the tuna cans, making sure that the edges of the top part are smooth and even.

To eliminate the strong scent of tuna from the cans, run them through a dishwasher.

Once the cans are clean and dry, apply some oil-rubbed spray paint in bronze. Or, you can use any other color you like. I prefer this color because it creates a great contrast with the stained clothespins, once they are lined into place.

Once the cans are dry, you can begin assembling the planters.

Assembling The Herb Planters

First, start by assembling the clothespins. Then, clip them all around the colored tuna cans. Try to leave no space between the clothespins.

herb planters

Now, take the baby herbs of your choice and transfer them into the tuna can, surrounded by clothespins. Et voilà! You have your own little herb garden, right in your kitchen!

Please note that the tuna cans are shallow, as not very wide. Thus, choose herbs that don’t require much space (depth and size) to keep growing.

The cool thing about these herb planters is that you can also use them as candle holders for votive candles. Thus, there’s no reason to worry if your herb project fails!

To make it easier to clean and move things around, you can place the herb planters onto a small tray. You can place this tray on the kitchen counter, by your kitchen window, or any other place of your choosing!

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