Simple Health Tests You Can Do At Home To Ascertain You’re Healthy

Sometimes, hospital health checkups can be time consuming and exhausting. You spend hours in waiting rooms, and then more time awaiting test results. And in the end, only for the doctor to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you.

Before rushing to see a doctor, if you suspect something is amiss, why not carry out the following simple health tests at home, and ascertain if your health condition is optimal.

The Stairs Health Test

To do this test, walk up steps on a staircase in your normal pace, while reciting the children’s play song ‘Mary had a little lamb’, or any other simple song. Ideally, you should not run out of breath while walking up the stairs at your normal pace. If you begin feeling winded or find that you’re not able to continue talking, or if you’re experiencing tightness in the chest, you should consider visiting your doctor. This could be an indication that your heart and lung function are compromised.

If this simple test causes you physical strain, it might be an indication of heart disease or hardening of the arteries. Loosing breath during the stairs exercise could also be an indication that you could be suffering from bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or even lung cancer.

Sit Down-Stand Up Health Test

To perform this test, start from an upright position. Cross your arms and legs, then crouch to the floor. Without uncrossing your arms, stand up from the crouch position. If you’re able to do 5 to 10 repeats of this exercise, it indicates that you have optimal musculoskeletal fitness. You might also be able to do variations of the exercise, involving crouching and getting up. That too indicates you are fit to a certain degree.

If you are not able to perform the test at all, then this is an indication that your musculoskeletal fitness is extremely low, or even compromised by injury or illness. In this situation, it’s recommendable for you to see your doctor. Regular workout is also great for improving the musculoskeletal fitness.

Spoon & Bag Test

This test helps you check your health based on your breath. Scrape a teaspoon’s edge along your tongue, and then seal the spoon in a plastic bag. Place the bag under a lamp. Sniff the spoon after one minute. If you’re healthy, the coating on the spoon should appear clear and with no smell.

If the coating is colored, with a bad smell, this could indicate that you have respiratory problems, issues with your kidneys, liver or even gut. For best results, you should obtain a sample of the lining from the back of your tongue, the place where bad bacteria accumulate, causing odor.


If the test reveals a fruity smell, it might indicate that you are suffering from ketoacidosis, which is one of the early signs of diabetes. If the smell is close to that of ammonia, it could be indicative of kidney disease.

Most bad smells, however, are as a direct result of poor oral hygiene. So, don’t get too alarmed when your test doesn’t produce a clear, odorless smell.

Use these and many other simple tests to check how healthy you are. They can help you identify any issues that could potentially need a doctor’s attention.


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