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A Simple Sock Trick That Can Help You Get Rid Of The Foggy Windshield For Good

You wipe the foggy windshield with a clean cotton cloth, but you ‘open your eyes’ only temporarily. Fog gathers again, in just a few seconds. Is there a solution?

Foggy car windows are a great risk while driving, as you can easily hit a pedestrian or another vehicle. It’s even more dangerous when you’re driving at a higher speed on the highway, trying to outrun other cars. Therefore, you should act preventively against foggy windshields, and increase the safety while driving.

How To Prevent And Clean A Foggy Windshield

Wash The Glass On The Inside

A dirty windshield is significantly more susceptible to fogging than clean windows, treated with an anti-fogging agent. Therefore, to prevent fogging, you should wipe the windows with a clean cloth, and keep them clean from the inside and out.

Use Anti-Fogging Agents

There are various anti-fogging agents available on the market, and generally, they are quite effective. There are also cleaning wipes with the same purpose.

Remove The Sources Of Moisture

In order to successfully remove the fog from a car window, you need to dry the air inside the cabin. Therefore:

– Shake the snow from your shoes and clothing before entering your car.
– Use rubber floor mats to prevent water from entering the carpet. Regularly clean them.
– Check if water enters the passenger compartments through the rubber door seals. If this is the case, fix them.
– Clean the clogged windshield drains, so that the water does not enter the ventilation system.
– Check if water is collecting somewhere in the ventilation system.
– Look for other areas where water can enter your car.

Replace The Pollen Filter

Replace the pollen filter, through which the outside air enters the car cabin. If it is dirty or clogged, it’ll drastically affect the intense fog.

Use The Air Conditioner

Modern cars have air-conditioners, fit to fight a foggy windshield. Set the temperature, direct the air towards the windows and activate the air-conditioner at maximum speed.

Open The Car Windows

If you don’t have a functioning air-conditioner in your car, you can always open the car windows.

This Simple Sock Trick Can Help You Get Rid Of The Foggy Windshield For Good!

Sometimes, none of the above tricks seems to work. During autumn and winter days, when it’s constantly raining, the problem with foggy windows simply won’t go away! That’s my sad reality.

But, I came upon this video on YouTube, promising that a simple sock trick can help me get rid of the foggy windshield for good! So, I decided to give it a try. And guess what! It works!

This simple sock trick collects all the moisture in your car, and therefore, solves your problem with the foggy windshield. Here’s what you’ll need:

– A pair of socks
– Silica crystal cat litter

If you’re using old socks, make sure that they haven’t got any holes. Then, fill one of the socks with silica crystal cat litter, tie a knot at the end, and to make it stronger, tuck it into the other sock. Put it on the dashboard of your car, or hide it under the seats. It will slowly absorb the moisture and the foggy windshield will be a thing in the past.

For more details on how it’s done, watch the video down below.

How to Remove Fog from a Car Windshield

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