The Simplest, Easiest Way To Grow Beautiful Roses In Your Home

Regardless of whether they are mini, vines, climbing, English, or Gaelic… Roses are beautiful and have an intoxicating scent. The rose also known as the queen of flowers, is accompanied by a voice that is difficult to maintain at home.

But it’s little known that roses are unpretentious, very resistant and that do not require excessive maintenance efforts. To plant roses, you do not need to buy new seedlings, it’s enough to know how to grow them yourself from dry branches.

This is the easiest and most effective way to grow roses in your home.

The Easiest Way To Grow Roses In Your Home

For the working material, you will need a plastic transparent bottle of two liters, a white plastic bottle, product for germination, a quality soil, and garden shears.


Cut out the bottles as follows: cut off the top of the white bottle (you need the bottom of this bottle) and the bottom of the clear bottle (you need the top of this bottle).   Then, at the bottom of a white bottle, make holes for drainage and fill it with a good quality soil.

In order for the seedlings to leave as much root as possible, it would be best to use a branch on which several leaves have been introduced. Remove the side branches from the main, choose the thickest branches and make a cut at the bottom.

Remove the dried flower, as well as the dried leaves, but leave a few leaves. Cut the branches several times with a scalpel, coat them with the germination product and plant them in the soil. Cover the seedlings with the clear plastic bottle and leave them in place with shade. Don’t expose them to too much sunlight because the bottles will overheat and your roses will die. Also, you don’t need to water them because of the condensation inside the bottles. You will see the roots after 4 to 5 weeks. Once they develop a slim green steam, remove the upper clear bottles and place them in a more sunny area. Check your roses once a week for water. And that’s it!


Reference: Putting Down Roots


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