Space Saving Italian Design Furniture That Will Blow Your Mind

With the cost of living space getting higher and the square surface getting smaller, you have to really put some thought in the kind of furniture you want in your home. And, how you want it set up, so that you can make the most of your living space.

Resource Furniture is the largest source of cutting edge, legendary space saving furniture. Their products include, but are not limited to modern murphy beds, twin beds, murphy bunk beds, wall beds and sofa bunk beds. Also, included in the line of space saving fixtures are the transforming dining, coffee and office tables, compact living area fixtures, office convertible furniture and so much more.

The company has nine showrooms across the United States and Canada. Resource Furniture is committed to revolutionizing the business by providing the most innovative, sustainable, space saving products in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the phenomenal Italian design space saving furniture they have in the market.

Transforming Tables

Resource Furniture has some incredible transforming tables. Here you can find coffee tables that can get bigger or smaller as needed. Coffee tables whose height can be adjusted through folding the legs of the table, and consequently, modifying the design as well. There is a table design that can be transformed from a coffee table to a study desk.

Interesting, there’s a set of chairs in their collection, which when put one on top of the other make the perfect corner shelves. And, when disassembled, can be used to place items on or even sit on, adding seating space in your room.

They have tables coming in from the wall, thus maximizing the vertical space in your home.

Wall Beds

There is nothing like the wall beds and murphy beds at Resource Furniture. The depths of the systems is about half what you’d find in a conventional wall or murphy bed. A desk with a built in wall bed does not have to be dismantled for you to open up your bed. In fact, you don’t even need to remove the items from your desk. Using hydraulics and some very good engineering, you simply press with your fingertip and the bed comes out. When you pull it down actively, it positions itself over the work desk, without interrupting anything. They even have beds that come out of wall shelves.

The bottom of their beds is designed to keep the mattress raised and ensure that it’s not noisy during movement, but firm and sturdy. They are light, about 450 pounds, and can be moved in and out of position with just one hand. The hydraulics system in place makes it easy to transform the beds as desired.

Resource Furniture has over sixty wall bed systems that transform into different uses, letting you use one space for many functions.

Seats & Other Furniture Essentials

Their transforming couches can be completely disassembled. From an L-shaped seat with a Chaise lounge, to a straight sofa. The sofa also comes with a lot of storage space beneath the cushions. They have compact seating, customizable storing elucidations, and wall accessories.

Transformable furniture is the future, and it will help you make so much better use of the space you’ve got.

Resource Furniture

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