Stay-At-Home Parenting Is Much More Stressful Than Going To Work

Every parent who decided after having a child that she/he wants to stay at home and put her/his career on hold has at least once encountered disapproval of the society. Sometimes even an expression of slight jealousy because this type of choice is considered a luxury by many people.

People consider this lifestyle a luxury because your family can afford to live with only one paycheck. In all other aspects, this jealousy is completely unjustified. Although it is very pleasurable, especially in infant years, for every mother to spend as much time as possible with her child. It is actually a much harder job than people think. Maybe even the hardest you can have.

Moms Around The World We Salute You

You should never underestimate the work of the home-staying mom. Unlike the eight-hour work, which is usually strenuous only physically and requires concentration, staying at home with your kid requires a lot of physical strength, but at the same time, patience.

According to AVEENO Baby survey:

  • 55 percent of the participants thought that having a baby is a hard job even if you had a good supporting system and 31 percent agreed that stay-at-home parenting is more hectic then going to work.

Stay at home mothers give up most of their social life, which makes it much easier to cope with difficulties. Good gossip at work or drinking coffee with a colleague from the office is a real treasure for a brain break after a busy day that home staying moms definitely miss. The lack of this small ‘pleasure’ often leads to isolation and absence of communication with adults. By accepting the terms that come with ending your career, many neglect a very important fact: These families sacrifice some material enjoyment to afford to live with only one paycheck, although they will never look at it that way.

Even research has shown that families with the highest income levels spend twice as much money than people with low income. The cost difference is not spent on education or housing, so this doesn’t prove that these children will succeed in life. It is the lack of time that parents do not spend with their children compensated with toys and kindergarten payments.

These families most often change their hotel holidays with a cheaper alternative like campsites or rent apartments. They spend much less on hi-tech. They’re using all the appliances while working and if they don’t then replace them with new ones. But on the other hand, families that have one stay at home parent gain so much more love, and joy.



Reference: Staying At Home With Kids Is HARDER Than Going To Work

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