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String Lights Décor Ideas for Your Home

Most of us store away our Christmas string lights after the festive season, only to retrieve them a year later, when the holidays commence. Christmas lights can, however, be used throughout the entire year to spruce up your home décor. They are very versatile, and can be incorporated in many simple DIY projects, which are fun for the entire family.

In no time, with the help of string lights, you can creatively add flair to your space. There are many incredible ideas for DIY lighting around the bed, embellished wall art, hanging lanterns on the drapes, and so much more.

In this article, we show you how to enhance your home’s décor with some of the most exciting DIY light ideas.

1. Pixie Dust Lights

To make these, cut tulle into small squares, of about 8 by 8 inches, to be used on each Christmas light. Now, tie and knot the tulle around each light, and adjust it, so that it surrounds the light from all sides. You can use a string or clear rubber band to tighten the tulle around the light. These tulle string lights add a romantic, dreamy feel to a room. You can hang them over a curtain board or the frame of the bed.

2. Cloud Light

To create one, you’ll need paper lanterns, string lights, fishing line, wooden dowel, batting which is a kind of stuffing available in most fabric stores, 2 cups of hooks and a glue gun.

Simply glue the batting over the paper lanterns until each lantern looks like a cloud. Using the fishing line, hang the dowel over the ceiling, as high as you’d want your cloud to be. Make sure the dowel is hung straight. Run the string lights through the lanterns, and then hang the lanterns and lights over the dowel, one at a time.

When you plug in the lights, it will appear as if there is a lit cloud hanging over your ceiling. This is great décor for your bedroom, dining area or any other room of your choice.

3. Bed Canopy String Lights

This is a great idea for your bedroom décor. Simply position the string lights behind the canopy, to achieve a dreamy romantic look. It looks better if the draping over the canopy is made from silk. As it delicately falls and the light from the string lights hit it, it gives a romantic feel in your room.

string lights

4. Flameless Fire Pit

This is ideal for your living room or dining area décor. First, wrap aluminum foil around tea branches, which are about 3/4 inch in diameter. Take lace strips and soak them in fabric stiffener. Then, wrap them over the aluminum covered tea branches. Once you cover all the tea branches, leave them overnight to dry.

Take a sharp knife and cut a clean line into the lace, from one end of every tea branch to the other. Cut through the aluminum foil as well.

Arrange the rocks on your preferred raised surface, such as the fireplace or dining counter, and place the string lights in the middle. Arrange the lace branches into a cone-like shape round the stones.

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