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Study Shows That Subway Chicken Sandwich Could Contain Only 50% Chicken Meat

When we eat a Subway chicken sandwich, we believe that we eat 100 percent poultry meat. But, this is far from the truth.

According to a study conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the chicken sold by this popular fast food restaurant contains about 50 percent of chicken DNA. The DNA analysis of the chicken meat was conducted not only at Subway, but also at other major fast food restaurants in Canada. Only the results of the analysis done on the Subway chicken sandwiches were most surprising.

At the Trent University in the province of Ontario, in the Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory, the DNA researcher Matt Harnden, tested the chicken meat from 6 popular fast food sandwiches. Most of the scores were ‘very close’ to 100 percent of chicken DNA. However, Subway’s results seemed to be far behind the norm and so aberrant. Therefore, the research team decided to repeat the testing of the Subway chicken sandwiches. However, the results were the same.

According to the published study, the results of Subway’s analyzes showed that the oven-roasted chicken had 53.6% chicken meat, while the chicken strips had only 42.8%. The remaining parts of the chicken DNA were mostly soy and various seasonings.

The Chicken Test Results

  • The Country Grilled Chicken from McDonald’s showed 84.9% chicken meat
  • Grill Chicken Deluxe from A&W Canada had 89.4% chicken meat
  • The Chipotle Grill Chicken Wrap from Tim Hortons had 86.5% chicken meat
  • The Ultimate Grill Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s had 88.5% chicken meat
  • Subway’s chicken strips showed 42.8% chicken meat
  • The oven-roasted Subway chicken meat averaged 53.6% chicken meat

The Fast Food Restaurant Claims: Subway Chicken Is Not False

Accused of selling soy-cut chicken, containing only 50 percent poultry, Subway strongly denied the findings of the CBC investigation.

After the research results were made publicly available, Subway took nearly a week to react and deny the information. They published a statement in which the company rejects the results of the CBC study.

‘The claim that our chicken contains only 50 percent chicken is 100 percent false’ said Subway’s president and CEO Susanne Greco.

Before discrediting the ‘false and misleading’ results released by CBC and asking for an apology, the fast food chain had their products analyzed in two independent laboratories in Canada and the United States. Both analyzes showed only slight traces of soybeans, which they use to stabilize the moisture and texture of the meat.

Subway’s CEO said that producing high quality food for their customers is their highest priority. The report is false and must be corrected.

Public Awareness

Knowing the above, we are entitled to wonder what is hidden in the chicken sandwiches that we buy from the various types of available restaurants.

Subway chicken

According to different marketplace tests, overall fast food chicken contains about three quarters of the protein that one could get in its home equivalent. As for the sodium content, it’s seven to ten times higher than what would be prepared in our kitchens.

In addition, the restructured products used by fast food chains contain many ingredients that bind the meat, make it last longer and taste better, while at the same time, reducing costs. On average, 16 ingredients are combined with the chicken meat sold to consumers. In a large combined total, there are 50, such as honey, onion powder, and industrial ingredients.

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