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With Tea Tree Oil Against Acne, Yeast Infections, And Psoriasis

The tea tree oil (TTO) has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, which can help in the treatment of many different health conditions. This oil is obtained from the leaves of the myrtle tree, native to Australia, and has been used as an acne and psoriasis remedy since ancient times.

Today, people use this oil for various skin care and hygiene treatments, to fight acne, cold sores, nail fungus, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, chicken pox, and the like.

Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil


Due to its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is very effective in the removal and suppression of acne. Dilute 5 drops of tea tree oil with 30 drops of witch hazel. Apply the mixture topically on the infected area of your skin, and allow it to do its magic. Be careful not to spread it on your healthy skin, as it may cause irritation and redness. Also, once you apply it, stay out of sunlight.

Yeast Infections

This oil has powerful antifungal properties, and therefore, can help you fight yeast infections. Mix equal parts of TTO and lavender oil, and a little bit of water. Apply the mixture on the affected areas with the help of a cotton pad. Don’t use this oil to treat oral infections, as it’s poisonous if swallowed.

Nail Fungus

If you suffer from fungal infections on your nails or toenails, then this oil is definitely for you. However, you should be persistent with the treatment for visible results, as fungal infections need to be treated for a longer period of time.

Apply tea tree oil directly on your infected nails two times a day, for at least 3 months. Be careful not apply undiluted oil on your skin, as it can cause redness and irritation.

Athlete’s Foot

If used continuously, this oil can help you relieve the symptoms of Athlete’s foot, like itching, burning, scaling, and inflammation. Mix 2-3 drops with a tbsp. of witch hazel and apply it on the affected parts of your body 3 times a day.

Cold Sores

Apply TTO directly on the cold sores, 3 times a day. Be careful not to swallow it, as it’s toxic.


Dilute a little bit of TTO with olive oil and apply it directly on the red, scaly patches on your skin. Repeat the treatment several times a day, until you feel relieving effects.


Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and apply it on the blisters to relieve the itching.

tea tree oil

Cuts And Wounds

The antiseptic properties of TTO accelerate the healing process of cuts and wounds. Dilute the oil with almond oil, and apply on the cut or wound.

Bug Bites

This oil can help you relieve the itching and redness of bug bites. All you have to do is apply a few drops of the oil on the bitten area of your skin, and gently massage it with your fingers.

Tea Tree Oil Precautions

In some people, topical use of this oil can cause skin dryness, irritation, itching, burning, or even swelling. If you’re concerned about an allergic reaction, it’s recommendable to test the oil on a small area of your skin before you start to use it.

TTO is not safe when taken orally, as it’s shown to be toxic for the human body, causing rash, difficulty walking, unsteadiness, confusion, and sometimes, even coma.

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