The Many Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those ubiquitous household items that everyone seems to have under the sink somewhere. You will know it by its fizzy properties when put on a cut, or when coming into contact with any bacteria or mold. It’s usually packed in a brown bottle, because it’s composed of only water and oxygen, and it enables it to preserve its chemical properties. When oxidizing, it breaks back down into the same two components – water and oxygen.

But, hydrogen peroxide isn’t just a disinfectant or mild cleaner. It has a huge list of potential uses in the household for health, personal care, cleaning and other general house needs. Here’s a list of top uses for hydrogen peroxide, the seemingly simple, but all round useful, common household helper.

Top Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Disinfects Wounds

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, can disinfect minor wounds and cuts. It fizzes on contact with bacteria, which is essentially the oxidation or exploding of the bacteria in the wound.

Face Cleanser For Acne

H2O2 kills bacteria on the face, as well as on other areas of the body. Acne or pimple sufferers can apply it topically and over time, see a reduction in pimples.

Treats Sinus Infections

Mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water, for a nasal rinse. It’ll help you get rid of the nasal infections.


Just as on skin or in wounds, hydrogen peroxide is excellent at killing oral bacteria. Rinse your mouth with a 3% H202, diluted in a little water. You can also use it straight from the bottle. Just, take care not to swallow the liquid. Your mouth may fizz with oxidation of plaque causing bacteria.

Teeth Whitener

H2O2 is also a mild bleach. If used in brushing, or as a rinse, it’ll lighten stained teeth.

Cleanser For Body Brushes

Any personal care brush can pick up bacteria. And, especially the toothbrush! In a cup of H2O2 soak your toothbrush. After the fizzing has died down, rinse it well under running warm water.

Eliminate Foot Fungus

Even though this remedy might seem to you anecdotal, it’s effective. If you have a foot fungus, try soaking it in hydrogen peroxide. Over time, it’ll kill the annoying fungus.

Hair Lightening

Peroxide is a bleach. Over time, hydrogen peroxide can do the same, without the drastic change in look. Use a spray bottle, to spray onto damp hair. Once covered in a mist of H2O2, comb it through. Leave your hair to dry. After several applications, your hair will lighten, especially if it’s already a blonde to dirty blonde shade.

hydrogen peroxide

Kitchen Cleaner

Use undiluted 3% H2O2 to clean countertops and fridges. It’s milder than bleach, but it accomplishes very much the same, disinfecting the food areas.

Stain Remover

Particularly good for blood or organic stains, when done right away, hydrogen peroxide will dissolve the stains from any fabric. It’s an organic solvent, which means that it can blend with anything organic. In the end, rinse it out with the stain matter.

Note: The 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is usually sold in brown bottles in drug stores. However, it does come in higher concentrations. These should not be used for any of these common household uses.

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