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How To Make Tic Tac Fairy Lights

Tic Tac candies come in packagings of different colors and sizes, and in different flavors. Many people, adults and kids included, enjoy chewing these small mints. Are you one of them? If yes, then what do you do with the casings once they’re empty? Well, you could use them to make some funky Tic Tac fairy lights for your kid’s room or play house.

This is a really simple DIY project, so you can have your kids help you out while making it. It’ll be more fun and they can learn a lot in the process.

What You Need

– A pen (One that can fit in the Tic Tac casing)
– Isopropyl alcohol (You’ll use it to remove the best before date from the casings)
– Paper tissue, napkin or cotton wool (You’ll use it as a filler material, to help spread the light in the Tic Tac boxes)
– Empty Tic Tac boxes (All in the same size, but different colors)
– Fairy light with 10 or 20 LED lights (For this project we’ll be working with the white version of fairy lights)

Clean The Casings

Using the isopropyl alcohol and a piece of cloth, clean out the ‘best before’ date on all your Tic Tac boxes. You really don’t want to have this date showing when you hang your lights. It’s not pleasing to the eye at all.

Stuff The Casings

Next, stuff the filler material. I prefer to use cotton wool, because it doesn’t block too much light. However, if you do not have cotton wool, a napkin or tissue will do just fine. You will need to separate the layers of the tissue first, so that it doesn’t block too much light. After separating, stack the layers, and then cut into squares of about 7 cm.

Stuff the boxes with the tissues, using a pen or similar object. The goal here is to have the light surrounded by a thin white layer. Don’t worry about any paper sticking out the boxes. You’ll stuff it inside the boxes once you put in the lights.

Make The Tic Tac Fairy Lights

Position the LED in the middle of each box, folding over any excess paper as you close the lid. The wires from the fairy lights should come out from the closing of the Tic Tac boxes. You’ll not need any additional support to keep the lights in and the fairy lights connected, other than the Tic Tac boxes’ closing contrivance.

Tic Tac

Ensure that the batteries of the fairy lights are working and switch on the apparatus. Et voilà! Your fancy Tic Tac fairy lights are ready for display.

You can hang the lights over the bedpost, window, or anywhere you and your children find it fit. Don’t keep the fun all to yourself. Share this DIY project with family and friends.

I don’t mind the Tic Tac labeling on the boxes when making the fairy lights, but if you don’t like it, you could peel it off. And while removing the ‘best before’ date, you can clean the boxes with isopropyl alcohol.

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